After NTO implements unified cross-cloud identity, which type of customer data is stored in Community Cloud?

Cross-Cloud Customer Identity and Data Management for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Enable Unified Customer Identity

Learning Objectives

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 

Depict what a Salesforce solution kit is and for what reason you’d utilize one. 

Rundown the items expected to make a solitary identity for every customer across your eCommerce locales and your networks. 

What’s a Solution Kit? 

Salesforce gives solution kits to assist you with taking care of basic business issues by interfacing with different clouds or items. You can discover numerous solution kits in our Customer 360 Guides, which present an assortment of assets to assist your business with coordinating Salesforce clouds and convey effective, customized encounters for your customers and accomplices. 

The entirety of the solution kits referred to in this module are essential for the Customer 360 Guide for Retail, which assists you with making an associated web-based shopping experience and fulfills customer needs. You can get familiar with this guide on Trailhead by procuring the Customer 360 Guide for Retail: Quick Look identification. 

Every solution kit tends to a genuine use case and gives a rundown of required items, contemplations, connectors, and setup steps. Solution kits additionally incorporate a significant level work process graph to direct your cycle, and some incorporate a solution design chart also. 

The objective of this module isn’t to walk you through carrying out a solution bit by bit, yet rather to show you what’s conceivable with solution kits. We likewise direct you toward the assets you need in the event that you would like to execute a solution portrayed here. 

Meet Northern Trail Outfitters 

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is an outerwear, clothing, and stuff retailer for outside amusement and wellness. 

NTO works as an eCommerce retail facade, where customers peruse and make buys from a broad inventory. It additionally has an energetic online community, where customers register their buys and trade data with other open-air devotees about hardware, occasions, and the best spots to look for experience. 

Pia Larson, NTO’s venture engineer, feels that exploring between the retail facade and the community ought to be simpler than climbing from one side of the Grand Canyon to the next. She needs to build up a solitary identity that NTO customers can use to sign in, regardless of whether they’re coming to NTO to purchase gear or to ask the community an inquiry. She additionally needs to have the option to move customers from the community to the eCommerce site without causing them to validate with new qualifications. Pia realizes that a unified identity gives the best insight to NTO customers, who need to zero in on getting outside, not signing in to sites. 

The Solution: Seamless Cross-Cloud Identity 

Pia works with Charlotte Liu, NTO’s solution engineer, and Warren Mehta, NTO’s IT frameworks subject matter expert, to begin assembling a solution. They intend to store center profile data and confirmation accreditations for every customer in Community Cloud. That way, other coordinated conditions can utilize this single source as the arrangement of record, and NTO can quit investing such a lot of energy and cash synchronizing and moving customer profile information. 

Pia takes note of that in this solution, NTO’s Salesforce B2C Commerce retail facade keeps on putting away shopping information—customer address books, installment data, lists of things to get, etc—however references the customer profile information put away in Community Cloud, for example, name and email address. 

The group additionally considers adding Salesforce External Identity Embedded Login to interface the NTO community with the customer-facing facade. They discover that an associated application handles correspondence between the login site page and the Salesforce back end, and they concur that Embedded Login assists them with accomplishing their objective of a consistent encounter for NTO customers. 

A) After NTO implements unified cross-cloud identity, which type of customer data is stored in Community Cloud?

  • I) Wish lists
  • II) Payment information
  • III) Name
  • IV) Email address
  • V) C and D

B) True or False: In NTO’s Embedded Login solution, a connected app maintains the connection between the community and storefront site after the user logs in.

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