B2C Commerce: (Trailhead Salesforce Answers)


On the off chance that you’ve shopped online for a dress, gear, makeup, shoes, home stylistic theme—or anything—you’ve most likely shopped on one of the 3,000 or more sites controlled by B2C Commerce. B2C Commerce is the thing that made your shopping encounters at those sites conceivable. Also, it offers some strong abilities.

B2C Commerce allows retailers to make and arrange customers’ online encounters and exchanges across advanced channels and gadgets. These encounters, by and large, occur on the web or versatile.

However, customers don’t restrict themselves to web and portable locales. They likewise cooperate with brands through email and social media. On the off chance that retailers incorporate their web-based business destinations with their showcasing and administration arrangements, they can make email and social media connections more customized and applicable to customers.

A) B2C Commerce:

  • I) Has rich features to allow customers to customize their stores to be on brand
  • II) Is in English only
  • III) Offers a single look and feel for all websites
  • IV) Is all-inclusive and therefore not intended to work with outside applications

B) Through the power of AI and machine learning, the Merchandising and Marketing feature enables retailers to:

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