Both you and your manager have suggested approaches to solving a customer’s problem. Which of the following actions can nudge your manager toward your solution?

Alignment with Your Manager – Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Celebrate What’s Going Well 

Prompt the commendation as you praise a major success, a top-notch dispatch, or the consistent arrival of your most recent item. In our high-speed workplace, it very well may be trying to oppose the drive to simply move on to the following task. Set aside the effort to praise achievement! You can: 

  • Focus light on what’s working for your group. 
  • Construct trust with your manager by featuring what you’re able to do. 
  • Motivate your partners. 
  • Persuade different groups to band together with you. 
  • Carry believability and acclaim to your own manager. 

Influence Your Manager 

Have you at any point been impacted into accomplishing something? 

Lady situated in business clothing holding a menu with a piece of chocolate cake, companion situated in a skirt with a coat 

Maybe you’re at supper and your partner says, “What about we get dessert?” Suddenly, you feel constrained to arrange the chocolatiest thing on the menu. We’ve all been there. 

Affecting your manager can be pretty much as unobtrusive as posing an inquiry at the ideal time or outlining your data with a specific goal in mind. Similar as we work with our clients to show them how Salesforce can improve their associations with their clients, you can impact your manager by exhibiting how your work or potential undertakings can move their objectives and the group’s objectives forward. 

Attempt one of these procedures for bumping your supervisor in unpretentious, however persuading ways. 

Think like your chief. Is your manager especially meticulous? Client-centered? Edge your proposition or ideas in light of your manager’s core interest. 

Recount a story in your supervisor’s language. Recall when we discussed correspondence styles? On the off chance that your manager reacts well to information and realities, make a point to help your thoughts with the numbers. On the off chance that your manager likes to peruse data first, send an inside and out email or brief before you talk face to face. Furthermore, if your manager reacts to narrating and energy, share your work with a convincing story about how you completed it. 

Zero in on everyone’s benefit. Show your manager how your activity or plan will profit the business or others in your group. 

Need to learn more about this significant ability? Look at the Trust and Influence module to dominate the tips and deceives of poking your managers, associates, and direct reports to move undertakings and destinations forward. 

Female pilot remaining close to a male traveler 

We should Sum It Up 

Getting lined up with your manager and remaining in a state of harmony isn’t programmed. It requires exertion from the two individuals to be open, genuine, and genuine with one another. When you’re in sync, you can communicate often and obviously to achieve the objectives that you’ve set for yourself and the group regardless of what difficulties you experience on the way. Simply make sure to set aside an effort to celebrate and value triumphs and each other’s endeavors to remain persuaded, connected with, and roused. 


  • Step by step instructions to Influence Decision Makers 
  • Dealing with Your Boss (membership required) 
  • What Your Leader Expects of You

A) How can employees show their managers that they are trustworthy?

B) You are constantly looking for ways to improve and stay in step with your manager. What is one way you can check in on your biggest growth areas?

C) Both you and your manager have suggested approaches to solving a customer’s problem. Which of the following actions can nudge your manager toward your solution?

  •  I) Insist that your idea is better.
  •  II) Ask someone else to be a tie-breaker and select the better project.
  •  III) Use reverse psychology to say your manager’s idea is better than yours.
  •  IV) Show how what you want to do advances your boss’s goals.

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