How are buyers organized in B2B Commerce?

B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience Data Model

Organize How Buyers Access Your Store

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Rundown who can access your store.

Portray the capacity of a purchaser bunch.

Use Schema Builder to investigate B2B Commerce object connections.

Enable Buyer Accounts and Buyer Users

We should recap what you have in your organization now.

A couple of stores

Items (and related articles like value books)



A) How are buyers organized in B2B Commerce?

  • I) Buyer models
  • II) Buyer accounts
  • III) Buyer leads
  • IV) Manager groups

B) How do buyer groups help the admin organize buyers for a group?

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What is the buyer group in Salesforce B2B commerce?

A buyer group is a collection of people who share similar needs and are grouped together for the purposes of marketing and sales.

Buyer groups allow you to target your marketing campaigns more effectively by tailoring content to the specific needs of your target audience.

Which of these features is included in B2B commerce on lightning experience?

The lightning experience includes many features that are not available in the classic experience.

The lightning experience includes many new features that are not available in the classic experience. The most notable of these is the new homepage which has a more streamlined design and improved navigation.

How do I enable a Salesforce account as a buyer?

There are three ways to enable a Salesforce account as a buyer:

1. log in to the Admin Console and go to Setup -> Buyer Settings.

2. Use the Salesforce CLI command “enable-buyer” on the command line.

3. Use the Salesforce API call “POST /API/v31/user/accounts”.

How could a brand or retailer use a social studio with Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is a suite of commerce-enabling cloud services that allow businesses to quickly and easily set up and manage online stores. Commerce Cloud offers a number of features such as a social studio, which is an easy way to create content for your store.

Social studio empowers retailers to create their own content by using the following tools:

-Pixlr editor – which allows users to edit photos and videos in the browser -Hipstamatic camera – which provides users with the opportunity to take pictures in a variety of styles, including vintage or black & white. This can be done from within the browser.

-Collage maker – this tool allows users to make collages out of images or videos, with different layouts and templates available.

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