How do buyer groups help the admin organize buyers for a group?

B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience Data Model

Organize How Buyers Access Your Store

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Rundown who can access your store.

Portray the capacity of a purchaser bunch.

Use Schema Builder to investigate B2B Commerce object connections.

Enable Buyer Accounts and Buyer Users

We should recap what you have in your organization now.

A couple of stores

Items (and related articles like value books)



A) How are buyers organized in B2B Commerce?

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B) How do buyer groups help the admin organize buyers for a group?

  • I) By automatically creating buyers from leads
  • II) By adding buyer members to a store without the use of accounts
  • III) By allowing a build once, use multiple times method
  • IV) By creating reports for buyers

B2B commerce on lightning experience is an extension of Salesforce Lightning. It provides a unified customer experience for B2B companies to manage their customer relationships, orders and invoices.

The standard objects that are included with B2B commerce on lightning experience are:

– Accounts

– Opportunities

– Cases

– Products and Services

What is Salesforce B2B commerce lightning?

Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to create, manage, and optimize digital commerce experiences.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning helps companies to turn their product catalogs into dynamic storefronts with personalized customer experiences. It can be used for marketing, sales, and service. The company has also introduced a new feature called Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning Insights which provides insights about the customers behavior.

Salesforce B2B Commer

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