How do the agents at NTO benefit from being able to order on behalf of customers ?

Customer Service Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Order on Behalf of a Customer

Learning Objectives

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Rundown the products expected to order on behalf of customers.

Discover assets for carrying out this solution.

A New Day, a New Customer Request

Pia’s tickled pink to see NTO’s administration specialists working so effectively since Felix got the Service Cloud connector ready for action.

Be that as it may, soon Kai draws another, related issue to her consideration. Say a customer calls NTO’s customer administration line since they understood that they ordered the Frisky Fly Fishing Vest in some unacceptable size. The NTO specialist who gets the telephone, on account of Pia and her collaboration, can drop the customer’s order. Be that as it may, they can’t find the following way to help the customer by placing an order for the following size up. Administration specialists should have the option to put in a request on behalf of a customer.

Pia knows there’s another solution pack that can help her make the important association between mists makes this conceivable. NTO can help specialists better serve customers by utilizing the Service Cloud cartridge and the Lightning Console to make associations between B2C Commerce and Service Cloud.

Since Felix previously set up the vital connector, presently he simply needs to arrange Lightning segments to give administration specialists the vital consents.

At the point when a customer calls NTO, specialists can see order history and order subtleties as a component of the Service Console. Specialists can put orders for customers utilizing Salesforce B2C Commerce and Order on Behalf from the Case object.

Map It

Pia watches that B2C Commerce and Service Cloud are associated in the appropriate spots.

Administration specialists need a relating Business Manager client account planned to their Service Cloud client account through named certifications.

The OrderFieldMappings custom setting maps the B2C Commerce order object properties to Service Cloud order object fields.

The AccountFieldMappings custom setting maps the B2C Commerce customer object properties to Service Cloud individual record fields.

A) How do the agents at NTO benefit from being able to order on behalf of customers?

  • I) They can reorder an item for a customer if it arrives damaged or otherwise defective.
  • II) They can send a customer the same item in multiple colors as a thank-you surprise.
  • III) They can order the next size up if a customer wants to make an exchange.
  • IV) A and B
  • V) A and C

B) How does the Order on Behalf of a Customer solution kit build on the View Order History and Cancel Orders solution kit?

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