How do you change the schedule for your subscription email?

Get Timely Email Updates with Subscriptions – Tableau CRM Subscriptions: Quick Look

Subscribe to a Lens

The initial phase in buying into a focal point is to save the focal point in the pioneer. When saved, click the Show Subscriptions symbol (Show Subscriptions symbol.). At that point, click Subscribe on the Subscription board.

Membership board in the adventurer.

From here, the cycle is equivalent to it is for dashboard widgets. In the event that it’s your first membership, you set the timetable. At that point simply enter a title and snap Subscribe.

In contrast to a widget membership, which is a preview of the question at the time you subscribe, a focal point membership is dynamic. This implies that any change saved to a subscribed focal point is naturally reflected in the membership.

Manage Your Subscription

You can make up to 20 subscriptions. All subscriptions show up together in one email. To see a review of your membership email, go to the Tableau CRM landing page and snap Subscriptions.

To change the recurrence or timing of membership messages, open the Default menu, and select Edit.

Membership sees with Edit menu open.

To make a move like a share or investigate, open the menu on the graph or table.

Membership sees with graph menu open.

At last, to move or eliminate a membership, utilize the catches and menu close to the title in the Subscription Preview.

Membership review with Delete menu open.

Since you realize how to make and manage subscriptions to diagrams and tables in focal points and dashboards, you presently don’t have to chase for the information you need. All things considered, you can set up Tableau CRM to send it to you!


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Trailhead: Tableau CRM Dashboard Navigation

B) How do you change the schedule for your subscription email?

  • I) Go to Setup and navigate to Analytics Settings.
  • II) Open Subscription Preview and click a chart.
  • III) Click Subscriptions on the home page and select Edit in the Default menu.
  • IV) Open the Subscription panel and click the pencil icon.

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