How does the B2C Commerce to Service Cloud connector set Pia up for success as she integrates Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce

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What Products Does This Solution Require?

To carry out this solution, Pia needs:

Salesforce B2C Commerce (SFRA; to get to this Github storehouse, sign in utilizing your Commerce Cloud Account Manager qualifications)

Administration Cloud

Order the board framework

Pia examines the work process graph remembered for the solution kit to see how Service Cloud and B2C Commerce cooperate to empower NTO’s administration specialists.

This work process graph shows how a specialist functioning in Service Cloud gets order subtleties from B2C Commerce utilizing OCAPI with the customer’s individual record as an identifier, at that point can cancel orders after their entrance rights are confirmed.

Work process graph showing incorporation across clouds important to execute see order history and cancel orders

Get paid to Work

Since Pia realizes that NTO has the products it needs to carry out this solution and she’s beginning to see how everything fits together, she delves into the subtleties.

Pia begins by taking a gander at the contemplations for this solution. She sees that she needs to utilize the Service Cloud Connector, which requires her to be a combination client with regulatory rights in Service Cloud. She additionally needs to make a Service Cloud associated application that upholds OAuth verification, and arrange an Order design with the Lightning parts remembered for the Service Cloud Connector.

Utilize the B2C Commerce to Service Cloud Connector

The way into this solution is the B2C Commerce to Service Cloud connector. Connectors are designer enablement systems that speed up cross-cloud incorporation by giving code, arrangement, and execution designs. The connector is accessible on GitHub, where you can likewise discover establishment directions. In case you’re a B2C Commerce customer and you don’t approach the GitHub vault, converse with your administrator. Investigate the Tools and Resources for Salesforce B2C Commerce Developers Trailhead module for access guidelines.

By and by, this implies that Charlotte can utilize the connector as a beginning stage as she and Pia plan out work for Felix, NTO’s Service Cloud administrator. The connector empowers them to get a common perspective on customer information between B2C Commerce and Service Cloud by supporting constant information synchronization for the customer, order, and case information through REST administrations uncovered by the connector.

The Service Cloud connector incorporates custom articles that address order details, shipment, and installment data in Service Cloud. At the point when an order synchronizes between B2C Commerce and Service Cloud, these items sync with information.

When Felix has designed the connector, Charlotte works with him to set up the Order Details Lightning page format. This page format utilizes Lightning web parts included with the Service Cloud connector to surface B2C Commerce order subtleties in Service Cloud.

What about Customer 360 Data Manager?

Note that the Service Cloud Connector is unmistakable from Customer 360 Data Manager. Information Manager presents data to the client continuously, while the connector matches up information to Service Cloud. To study how Pia utilizes Customer 360 Data Manager at NTO, look at Customer 360 Data Manager Setup.

Looking Ahead

Pia, Charlotte, and Felix have effectively carried out the solution kit, permitting specialists to see customers’ order history in the Service Console. This engages the specialists to start an order cancellation, expanding customer fulfillment.

That is just the initial step, however. Kai is continually remembering the customer and has more demands for Pia. Since Pia has laid the essential foundation by setting up the Service Cloud connector, she’s prepared to take on anything Kai sends her direction.

A) What is a Salesforce solution kit?

check answers

B) How does the B2C Commerce to Service Cloud connector set Pia up for success as she integrates Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce?

  • I) It guides her through the integration in Service Cloud using a setup wizard.
  • II) It provides a framework to share and sync data, including a set of custom objects, to support the integration.
  • III) It provides a set of documentation for implementing the integration.
  • IV) It uses the power of artificial intelligence to automate the most complex parts of the integration.

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