How does the new Appointment Assistant enhance customer engagement and transparency?

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Field Service: Appointment Assistant

Appointment Assistant upgrades client commitment and straightforwardness by telling clients when help is in transit. This component eliminates the 4-hour stand-by window and gives clients constant reports on their preferred channel, like SMS or a self-service gateway.

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What is effective customer engagement?

Effective customer engagement is the act of making a customer feel valued, appreciated and heard. It is about making them feel as if they are the most important person in the world. This can be done through ensuring that they get a prompt reply to their queries, or by providing them with a personalised experience.

The key to effective customer engagement is in understanding your customers and what they want from you. This means not just knowing what they want but also understanding why they want it. Effective customer engagement also relies on being able to listen to your customers and hearing what they have to say.

What are the 4 I’s of customer engagement?

The 4 I’s are:

– Intimacy – The customer is seen as a person and not just as a number.

– Individuality – The customer is unique and valued for their individuality.

– Interactivity – The customer can interact with the company in many ways, including through social media.

– Insightfulness – The company has the ability to listen to customers and act on what they say.


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A) True or False: With Einstein Recommendation Builder, you can combine any two objects to drive recommendations.

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B) How does the new Appointment Assistant enhance customer engagement and transparency?

Wait for a second:

  • I) It adds an hourly wait window.
  • II) It gives customers updates on any channel.
  • III) It lets customers know when help is on the way.
  • IV) A and C
  • V) B and C

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