How does the Order on Behalf of a Customer solution kit build on the View Order History and Cancel Orders solution kit?

Customer Service Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Order on Behalf of a Customer

What Products Does This Solution Require?

Pia realizes that NTO as of now has the products it needs.

B2C Commerce (SFRA; to get to this Github archive, sign in utilizing your Commerce Cloud Account Manager accreditations)

Administration Cloud

She considers the work process chart in the solution unit, taking note of that it looks a great deal like the work process for specialists dropping an order on behalf of a customer.

This work process chart shows how an assistance specialist functioning in Service Cloud gets order subtleties from B2C Commerce utilizing OCAPI, at that point starts an order-on-behalf-of meeting in Service Console so they would then be able to make another order utilizing OCAPI.

Work process outline showing the mixes important to carry out an order on behalf of

Give Agents the Permissions They Need

When the connector is fully operational, Pia confirms that specialists have these consents.

Administration Cloud and B2C Commerce: Order on Behalf rights

B2C Commerce Business Manager work consents:




At last, Felix refreshes the Lightning page design in the Service Console with the goal that it incorporates the Order Detail Visualforce segment and the Launch Shopping Cart Lightning segment (recall, these segments are all important for the Service Cloud connector).

Customize the Order Details Lightning Page Layout

When specialists have the authorizations they need, Felix customizes the Order Detail page format. He adds the Order Detail Visualforce part and the Cancel Order Lightning segment to the page, tweaking them as important.

Felix additionally adds the Launch Shopping Cart Lightning part to the Case and Person Account page formats, with the goal that specialists can dispatch Order on Behalf from the Case Detail and Person Account Detail page designs.

A) How do the agents at NTO benefit from being able to order on behalf of customers?

check answers

B) How does the Order on Behalf of a Customer solution kit build on the View Order History and Cancel Orders solution kit?

  • I) It doesn’t. Pia is starting from scratch as she implements this solution kit.
  • II) It picks up where Pia left off in the Guided Integration Wizard.
  • III) It relies on the Service Cloud connector pulling in data from B2C Commerce to Service Cloud.
  • IV) It uses Apex triggers that Pia wrote for the previous solution kit.

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