HP PCs Upgrading to Windows 11 using Windows Update

It’s a suggestion of an app that Microsoft thinks you might like—in other words, an ad. In this mode, the left side of the Start menu is gone. If you’re keyboard oriented, you can use the arrow keys to highlight the icon you want and then press the Enter key to open it. You can make this scrolling “column” bigger; you can even make it fill the screen, as it did in Windows 8; or you can hide it completely. But the point is that this time, it’s up to you. The “Start screen” takes over your world only as much as you want it to.

  • To access the Game Bar, check the “Yes, this is a game” box.
  • Head to the Start menusearch bar, type in ‘system restore,’ and selectCreate a restore point.
  • If your computer is lacking in terms of specs, then check out our roundup of the download best laptops.
  • Its most visible feature, though, was the Active Desktop, which integrated the Web browser with the operating system.

So you can only record the screen activity within an app. If you want to record the screen activity in your Desktop, you may want to install a third-party screen recording tool. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is so wonderfully easy to use that it’s hard to even consider using anything else for quick screen/application recordings. While the Xbox Game Bar is not as feature rich as some of the other dedicated recording software, it’s far simpler to use and takes little to no configuring.

That’s thanks to the Xbox game bar, and we’re going to start there. If you do want to record your whole screen though, we’ll help with that, too. Allows you to simply edit your screen recordings, such as removing errors and lengthening a too-short instant. It is one of the best free screen capture software that allows to record streaming video of your screen for more than 120 minutes. FlashBack Pro product helps you to make engaging videos by capturing sound and webcam.

Method 1 – Recording Screen Using Game Bar

Now you should have an installer that thinks it’s for Windows 10, but will actually install Windows 11. Scroll down until you find eitherinstall.wim orinstall.esd. If the extension here matches what you noted before, you’re good to go.

If you’d like to record your screen with more advanced tools that are still free, check out our list of the best screen recording tools. To choose your screen recording’s quality setting, determine whether or not you want to record audio, or set a maximum clip length, open the “Game DVR” options in the Xbox app. Screen Recorders are handy tools used to record the computer’s screen, i.e., record the ongoing activities on the screen. Using these, you can record the screen as easily as you would take screenshots on your computer or record life’s best moments with a camera. These tools do provide live-capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options, and more. If you can see it on your Windows 10 Screen, you can record it in a video.

Laptop and Desktop Screen Rotation Windows (Rotate Monitor 90 Degrees) ||How to rotate laptop screen

Follow the instructions to rotate screen Windows 10 using the keyboard shortcut. If you don’t want to keep this display change then wait hare 10 seconds or click the Revert button to go back normal display settings. Programmers also use this feature as the then they get a better view for their code. Some are just doing that to play a prank with their friends or to return to the landscape mode after accidentally invokes rotating shortcuts.

The one big downside to Game Bar is that you can’t use it to record your desktop or Windows Explorer. If you need to do that or need to record the entire screen regardless of which app is active, then you should check out our second suggestion below. Windows Game Bar was specifically created to record your video game moments, but you’ll find that it works perfectly well for recording your screen in any other standard program as well. Next, scroll through the settings menu that pops up, and select Game Onlyunder the Audio to record section. Alternatively, you can choose to record no sound whatsoever, or record all audio on your computer.

The app allows you to record just about anything including gaming sessions, webcam videos, etc. Whether you’re a course creator, a gamer, or even avlogger, it is very necessary to know how to record your screen. LICEcap is an easy-to-use, popular, and free desktop utility program to capture a specific area of your screen. Windows 11 will start showing up on laptops this holiday season, so there’s still time for Microsoft to add features like that. If you’re looking for a laptop to upgrade to in order to prepare, we have a roundup of the best 15-inch laptops you can buy right now. Choose the Capturing section of the settings window, and enable the option that reads Record in the background while I’m playing a game.

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