Merchants need Commerce PWA Kit and Commerce Managed Runtime for which of these reasons?

Commerce PWA Kit & Commerce Managed Runtime: Quick Look – Discover the Commerce PWA Kit & Commerce Managed Runtime

Managed Runtime

A front-end application that is isolated from the backend can’t depend on the eCommerce stage for retail facade tasks. That is the place where a managed runtime can help. It’s a stage on top of the working framework and engineering running underneath it. The Commerce Managed Runtime gives the foundation to have, convey, secure, scale, and screen the PWA Kit and front-end applications in a decoupled climate.

Cut chance to showcase: Use a prebuilt high-scale, completely decoupled, serverless, public cloud-local stage to run a venture retail facade in a headless climate.

Upgrade trust and versatility: Offload operational weight and stress with a dependable arrangement that guarantees to undertake adaptability with a verifiable 99.99% uptime.

Add adaptability: Own the client experience with the opportunity to develop and advance that experience autonomous of backend frameworks.

The API Connection

B2C Commerce APIs are quick, with improved engineer effectiveness for building and coordinating commerce encounters for many customer-facing facade applications. Designers can layer the Commerce PWA Kit and Managed Runtime on top of B2C Commerce and other back-end frameworks utilizing these APIs. While B2C Commerce gives basic commerce administrations (like evaluating, advancements, search, and Einstein), the PWA Kit and Managed Runtime use B2C Commerce APIs to get to these administrations, render the web insight, and give the tasks framework.

The Managed Runtime adds layers of storing to decrease API calls to B2C Commerce, while mechanized checking tracks execution across the front and back finishes, finding and following bottlenecks.

Under Armor

The Commerce PWA Kit and Managed Runtime help dealers like Under Armor take their destinations to the following level with an advanced PWA experience and adaptable headless methodology.

In 2020, Under Armor normalized on the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) across 40+ extraordinary worldwide customer-facing facades, including North America. With 65% of the traffic driven by versatility, Under Armor needed to enhance its portable experience and improve adaptability. Utilizing the Commerce PWA Kit, Under Armor dispatched a PWA experience in 26 global business sectors to upgrade explicit portable pages and give locales headless adaptability. Under Armor utilized the Commerce Managed Runtime to speed time to advertise. Following 65 days with its new PWA on the lookout, one locale saw a 76% increment in transformation rate.


In this module, you figured out how headless commerce assists dealers with staying up with their customers. You discovered how Commerce PWA Kit and Commerce Managed Runtime help toward the front for the quick and adaptable portable first turn of events.

A) True or False: Commerce PWA Kit and Commerce Managed Runtime use B2C Commerce APIs to access B2C Commerce services such as pricing, promotions, search, and Einstein.

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B) Merchants need Commerce PWA Kit and Commerce Managed Runtime for which of these reasons?

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  • I) For mobile native application support
  • II) For the flexibility to create custom experiences without restrictive templates
  • III) To optimize their mobile experience
  • IV) A and B
  • V) B and C

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