Our trusted, multitenant cloud means you get: Trailhead Salesforce Answers

 Understand the Salesforce Architecture – Salesforce Platform Basics

Learning Objectives 

  • Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 
  • Characterize key terms identified with the Salesforce architecture. 
  • Discover data identified with trust. 
  • Clarify at any rate one use case for Salesforce APIs. 

What Is the Salesforce Architecture? 

At this point, you realize that you can utilize Salesforce to convey a profoundly modified encounter to your clients, workers, and accomplices. You can do it without composing a lot (or any) code, and you can do it quick. 

What’s so special about Salesforce? Everything begins with our architecture. 

Before you close out this window in a wild endeavor to abstain from finding out about seemingly a truly exhausting subject, hold on. Finding out about Salesforce architecture is very intriguing, and understanding it makes working with the platform a ton simpler. 

At the point when you consider the Salesforce architecture, envision a progression of layers that sit on top of one another. In some cases, it assists with considering it a cake since the cake is tasty, and it improves everything. 

There’s a great deal to unload here, yet how about we center around the main focuses. 

  • Salesforce is a cloud organization. All that we offer lives in the trusted, multitenant cloud. 
  • The Salesforce platform is the establishment of our administrations. It’s fueled by metadata and comprised of various parts, similar to information administrations, man-made consciousness, and vigorous APIs for improvement. 
  • All our applications sit on top of the platform. Our prebuilt contributions like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, alongside applications you assemble utilizing the platform, have steady, amazing usefulness. 
  • Everything is coordinated. Our platform advances like prescient examination and the improvement system are incorporated into all that we offer and all that you assemble. 

There are not many terms here that are extra significant for you to understand: trust, multitenancy, metadata, and the API.

A) Our trusted, multitenant cloud means you get:

  • I) The benefits of the same core set of features for all customers
  • II) Upgrades three times a year
  • III) No software to install to access Salesforce
  •  IV) All of the above

B) The Salesforce API is:

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C) Metadata refers to:

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