Salesforce customer success platform: (Trailhead Salesforce Modules Answers)

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Salesforce Standard and Custom Objects 

Here is a portion of the center standard articles, and a depiction of how everyone is utilized. 

Records are the organizations you’re working with. You can likewise work with unique individuals (like independent project workers) utilizing something many refer to as Person Accounts. Contacts are individuals who work at an Account. Leads are likely possibilities. You haven’t yet qualified that they are prepared to purchase or what item they need. You don’t need to utilize Leads, yet they can be useful on the off chance that you have group selling, or on the off chance that you have various deal measures for possibilities and qualified purchasers. Openings are qualified leads that you’ve changed over. At the point when you convert the Lead, you make an Account and Contact alongside the Opportunity. 

Salesforce CRM permits you to oversee and get to your information in a modern manner that you would never do with a basic accounting page. Your records can be connected together to show how your information is connected, so you can see the entire picture. 

Is it true that you are a visual student? Investigate how it fits together. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’d prefer to go further, make certain to look at the Data Modeling module here on Trailhead to study how your information is coordinated. 

Introducing Lightning Experience 

Welcome to Lightning Experience! Lightning Experience is an advanced, gainful client experience intended to help your outreach group close more arrangements and sell quicker and more astute. 

The ascent of portable is impacting the manner in which individuals work. Your agents are utilizing versatile to investigate imminent clients, get headings to customer gatherings, associate socially with clients, and then some. We get that. That is the reason with Salesforce, you get cool stuff in both work areas (with Lightning Experience) and portable (with the Salesforce application). 

What agents love about the work area with Lightning Experience… … is additionally accessible in a hurry with the Salesforce application. 

Lightning Experience 

At the point when we’re looking at Lightning Experience, we’re discussing pages in Salesforce upgraded for deal use. We’re discussing new highlights that help your agents center around the correct arrangements and the correct exercises, each time they sign into Salesforce. We’re talking about adaptable, intuitive devices that the agent can use to envision information on the fly and work bargains in flight. 

Be that as it may before we go any further, we should discuss how Lightning Experience got its name, and why we assembled Lightning Experience in any case. 

Why We Built Lightning Experience 

So why the name “Lightning?” Well, think briefly about real lightning, the thoughts you see during a tempest. Consider how quick it strikes—on the off chance that you squint, you may miss it. Consider how excellent it is—lightning can be staggering to observe. At long last, consider how remarkable every lightning bolt is—no two are something very similar. 

That is a great deal like Salesforce Lightning Experience. It’s quick, it’s excellent, and it’s exceptional to every salesman. It’s a simple to-utilize experience, intended to help agents sell quicker, with customized alarms and an intelligent aide to help every salesperson center around what’s significant. 

At last, we constructed Lightning Experience as a result of you, our client. Lightning Experience is the aftereffect of all that we’ve gained from you over the previous years and deliveries. Lightning Experience is the executioner deals application you can convey to your agent. 

What Makes Lightning Experience So Special 

There are various key advantages with Lightning Experience. We will not cover everything here, except for every region of the item, we’ll feature the absolute neatest things. 

To kick things off, we should discuss a couple of general advantages: 

Explore through pages and switch between applications effortlessly utilizing the route bar 

Take notes effectively with the Notes apparatus, which incorporates autosave, rich content capacities, and the capacity to relate a note to various records 

Discover records quick with amazing inquiry capacities, including the capacity to see ongoing records and top query items 

Presently we should jump into some element explicit advantages. 


A) Salesforce organizes your data into:

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B) Salesforce customer success platform:

  •  I) Doesn’t include mobile access.
  •  II) Includes standard objects and a platform to deliver a personalized experience.
  •  III) Requires software installation to use.
  •  IV) Is for CRM use cases only.

C) Salesforce Lightning Experience:

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