The navigation bar in Salesforce: (Trailhead Salesforce Answers)

Navigating Around -CRM for Lightning Experience

  1. Learning Objectives 

  • In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 
  • Explore utilizing the route bar 
  • Discover and explore in the App Launcher 

The Navigation Bar 

How about we investigate a portion of the fundamental route includes in Salesforce, beginning with the route bar. Think about the route bar as a compartment for a bunch of things and usefulness. It’s consistently there, however, the things inside it change to address the application you’re utilizing. 

The application name shows on the left half of the route bar (1), and custom tones and marking (2) make each application one of a kind and simple to recognize. 

You can get to different things and applications by tapping the App Launcher symbol (3) or the application name. 

You can make records and access late records and records straightforwardly from the route bar (4) for specific things like Opportunities. 


Administrators can make custom applications for different kinds of clients, so you can go to the spots you utilize frequently with a solitary snap. 

You and your clients can customize an application’s route bar to suit the exceptional way you work. 

In case you’re seeing a page, like a rundown or a dashboard, and need to add it to the route bar, open the thing and select Open in New Tab from the dropdown menu. At that point, select Add to Nav Bar from the dropdown menu on the recently opened tab. 

Open a transitory tab and afterward add it to the route bar 

  • Presently it’s a lasting piece of the route bar. 
  • In the event that you need to just reorder tabs, drag the things around the route bar. 
  • In the event that you need to roll out more improvements, click the pencil symbol on the route bar. 

Alter navbar symbol 

Reorder the things effectively in your route bar. 

Rename things you’ve added. A pencil symbol is close to the things that you can rename 

Add things to the route bar. Snap Add More Items and pick what to add. After you make your determinations, you can reorder or eliminate things prior to saving your changes. You can’t erase things that your administrator has determined for the application. 

Items and Apps for Efficient Navigation 

We should head out on a fast route visit to perceive how you and your clients can bore into a norm or custom article from the route bar. Simply click on the thing (for instance, Opportunities) to see the thing home screen. 

In the event that you don’t see the thing you’re searching for in the route bar, or on the off chance that you need to open an alternate application, click the App Launcher symbol. 

Application Launcher 

You can look for applications or things by name in the fast view menu. Or then again, click View All to go to the full App Launcher. 

All Apps show your custom, standard, Lightning Experience, and associated applications in a single spot. Your administrator picks which outsider applications to interface with Salesforce, for example, Gmail, Google Drive, and Office 365. (1) 

All Items show the landing page, the feed, undertakings, occasions, objects, custom tab types, and then some. These things are free of the application that appears on the route bar. (2) 

You can look for applications, objects, and different assets by name in the Search applications and things box. (3) 

Approved clients can go straightforwardly to the AppExchange in a single tick, without leaving Lightning Experience. (4) 

As an administrator, you can change which applications show up on the App Launcher and as per the pattern in which wherein they show up. You and your clients would then be able to drag the tiles around to make your very own perspective on the App Launcher. 

Reorder pictures in the App Launcher 

The App Launcher’s incredible for discovering an application or thing in any event, when it’s not on the route bar. Simply click the App Launcher symbol (App Launcher symbol) to look for it by name. For instance, say you’re searching for a thing called Service. Enter Service in the inquiry box to see things and applications that match your hunt as you type. 

Search for Records 

You have a huge load of valuable information in Salesforce. How would you get to what you need, when you need it? Let’s be honest, nobody has the opportunity to peruse any longer. It’s about search. So let us acquaint you with the Lightning Experience worldwide pursuit box. It’s at the highest point of each page, and it’s the quickest method to bring what you need right to your fingertips. 

Consider search your own colleague—your extremely keen individual partner. It expects your requirements and helps you discover what you’re searching for from any place in the application.

A) The navigation bar in Salesforce:

  • I) Expands when you hover over it.
  • II) Gives your sales reps an easy way to access standard sales objects like accounts, reports, and notes.
  • III) Helps administrators customize important pages in Salesforce.
  • IV) Shows all the standard and custom objects in your organization.

B) With the App Launcher, your users can:

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