The Salesforce API is: Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Understand the Salesforce Architecture – Salesforce Platform Basics

Learning Objectives 

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 

  • Characterize key terms identified with the Salesforce architecture. 
  • Discover data identified with trust. 
  • Clarify at any rate one use case for Salesforce APIs. 

Why Trust the Cloud? 

At Salesforce, trust is our main concern. Not exclusively are you keeping your touchy information in your organization, you’re likewise fabricating usefulness imperative to your organization’s prosperity on our platform. Our obligation to protect your information and usefulness isn’t something we trifle with, which is why we’re generally straightforward about our administrations. 

Our trust site,, is a fundamental asset. You can utilize it to see execution information and get more data about how we secure your information. It likewise shows you any arranged upkeep we’ll be playing out that may affect your admittance to Salesforce. 

Sharing Is Caring in the Multitenant Cloud 

Up until this point, we’ve been gabbing about houses. However, Salesforce is set up more like a high rise. Your organization has its own space in the cloud, yet you have a wide range of neighbors, from Mother-and-pop shops to global partnerships. 

An apartment complex with committed space however shared assets. 

This thought is multitenancy. Multitenancy is an extraordinary word for making you sound brilliant at evening gatherings, however, all it implies is that you’re sharing assets. Salesforce gives a center arrangement of administrations to every one of our clients in the multitenant cloud. Regardless of the size of your business, you gain admittance to a similar figuring power, information stockpiling, and center highlights. 

Trust and multitenancy go connected at the hip. In spite of the way that you’re sharing space with different organizations, you can trust Salesforce to keep your information secure. You can likewise trust that you’re getting the best in class highlights with programmed, consistent updates three times each year. Since Salesforce is a cloud administration, you never need to put in new highlights or stress over your equipment. This is conceivable due to multitenancy.

A) Our trusted multitenant cloud means you get:

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B) The Salesforce API is:

  • I) Like a contract between two pieces of software, allowing them to connect and exchange information
  • II) Not available for certain technologies such as wearables
  • III) The exact same thing as an API name
  •  IV) Only for programmers to use

C) Metadata refers to:

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