True or false: A lens subscription is dynamic, and a widget subscription is based on a snapshot of the query

Get Timely Email Updates with Subscriptions – Tableau CRM Subscriptions: Quick Look

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Subscribe to focal points and dashboard widgets.

Update the membership email plan.

What Are Subscriptions?

With subscriptions, your measurements, outlines, and tables of interest go to your inbox in day by day or week after week messages.

In Tableau CRM, you have choices for pinpointing the investigation you see.

Use warnings for in-application and email cautions set off by the conditions you set.

Utilize a watchlist for following and moving measurements on the Tableau CRM landing page.

Use subscriptions for consistently booked messages that convey the most recent form of the focal points and dashboard widgets you’d prefer to regularly counsel.


Subscriptions require the accompanying client consents.

To set subscriptions on Tableau CRM focal points and dashboard widgets: 

Use Subscription Emails

To subscribe to tables and get an email with table information in appended .csv records: 

Download Tableau CRM Data

Subscribe to a Dashboard Widget

To subscribe to a dashboard graph, table, or metric, first, find the widget that you need to follow. Utilize the dashboard’s channels and selectors on the off chance that you need to make a more customized perspective on your information. At that point open the widget’s menu, and select Subscribe.

The widget menu opens with the Subscribe activity chose.

In the event that it’s your first membership, you set the email plan by choosing the recurrence and time.

Timetable your membership exchange.

At that point simply enter a title for the membership and snap Subscribe.

Add to membership discourse.

You begin getting messages at the exceptionally next booked time allotment. The messages contain depictions of outlines and .csv records with table information.

A widget membership depends on a depiction of the inquiry at the time you subscribed and will not change when the dashboard is altered. You can likewise subscribe to a similar dashboard widget on various occasions to get updates with various separated perspectives. Every membership catches a depiction of the widget with any dashboard channels or determinations you’ve applied.

A) True or False: A lens subscription is dynamic, and a widget subscription is based on a snapshot of the query.

  • I) True
  • II) False

B) How do you change the schedule for your subscription email?

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