True or false: After implementing the Transactional Email solution, NTO continues to use the native order confirmation logic in B2C Commerce.

What Products Does This Solution Require?

To execute this solution, NTO needs:

B2C Commerce (SFRA)

Promoting Cloud (Journey Builder)

Pia considers the work process chart remembered for the solution kit to see how Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce cooperate to help transactional messages. She sees that customer, list, and request information is traded from B2C Commerce, pushed to Marketing Cloud utilizing SFTP, and brought into Marketing Cloud utilizing information augmentations. In Marketing Cloud, advertisers set up subordinate information augmentations and email layouts. At the point when a customer puts in a request, a trigger containing request information in XML design is terminated from B2C Commerce to Marketing Cloud. Showcasing Cloud parses the request information, recovers the email format and any valuable information, at that point creates the request affirmation transactional email.

Work process graph that shows how information to help transactional messages is traded from B2C Commerce to Marketing Cloud.

Consider the Considerations

Since they have the lay of the land, Pia and Isabelle survey the essentials and business requirements for utilizing the Marketing Cloud Connector for B2C Commerce.

Pia sees that this solution moves email creating to Marketing Cloud, which implies that NTO ought to try not to utilize B2C Commerce retail facade layouts to produce and convey transactional email from this point forward. Also, since the solution relies upon information takes care of driven by B2C Commerce and devoured by Marketing Cloud, the NTO group needs to appraise the volume of information the feeds should uphold. They additionally assemble requirements for any custom uses cases, so they can expand the B2C Commerce information takes care of depending on the situation. All through the task, they follow best practices and guarantee that all B2C Commerce information imported by Marketing Cloud lives in information augmentations.

Use the Marketing Cloud Connector for B2C Commerce

The way into this solution is the Marketing Cloud Connector for B2C Commerce. Connectors are designer enablement systems that speed up cross-cloud joining by giving code, setup, and execution designs. These examples have been created as direction, however, execution groups do have to have advancement information on both Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce.

The Marketing Cloud Connector for B2C Commerce is not quite the same as Marketing Cloud Connect, an oversaw bundle that you use to get to Marketing Cloud devices inside Sales or Service Clouds.

The connector is accessible to B2C Commerce clients and accomplices on GitHub, where you can likewise discover establishment guidelines. In case you’re a B2C Commerce client and you don’t approach the GitHub store, converse with your administrator. Investigate the Tools and Resources for Salesforce B2C Commerce Developers Trailhead module for access guidelines.

Next Step

After they carry out the connector, Pia and Charlotte plan out customization work for NTO’s IT, customer-facing facade engineer, and showcasing groups.

To begin with, Warren Mehta, NTO IT frameworks subject matter expert, sets up SFTP in Marketing Cloud to coordinate the inventory, item, request, and client information take care of from B2C Commerce. He creates send-out cycles to help the informational indexes and makes a timetable for Marketing Cloud to burn through the information and store it in information augmentations. When booking, he considers traffic volume, since NTO needs to convey information during times of low traffic.

In B2C Commerce, designers modify the customer-facing facade and supplant the local request affirmation rationale with a set-off send an API call to Marketing Cloud, since transactional email presently comes from Marketing Cloud.

Then, Michele Hansley, NTO’s specialized advertiser, designs email layouts in Marketing Cloud to utilize B2C Commerce information for various transactional use cases, including request affirmation and notice. She can likewise stretch out the formats to incorporate item proposals created by Einstein Email Recommendations for Marketing Cloud.

A) What is a Salesforce solution kit?

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B) True or false: After implementing the Transactional Email solution, NTO continues to use the native order confirmation logic in B2C Commerce.

I) True

II) False

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