True or false: Setting up Einstein Product Recommendations in B2C Commerce is required before you can send personalized product recommendations using email

Implement B2C Cross-Cloud Solutions -Customer Engagement Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Personalize the Recommendations You Send in Marketing Emails 

Learning Objectives 

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 

Rundown the products you need to send personalized product recommendations to your clients. 

Discover assets for carrying out this solution. 

Recommend the Right Products 

On account of crafted by Pia, Charlotte, and their group, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) advertisers are utilizing B2C Commerce information in Marketing Cloud to make personalized, applicable, and information-driven client ventures. Presently Isabelle Givens, advanced marketing chief, needs to convey considerably more personalization to NTO customers. 

Isabelle realizes that NTO clients love finding out about products that function admirably with different products they effectively own. The fisherman who as of late bought the Warm and Wacky Waterproof Waders, for instance, appreciates getting an email that recommends the Frisky Fly Fishing Vest to finish the look. Also, the climber who wears NTO crampons to scale cold pinnacles is satisfied to get an email recommending NTO’s exceptional ice hatchet, for significantly more assurance from slips and falls. 

Build on Existing Integrations 

At the point when Isabelle carries her solicitation to Pia, she’s prepared. She realizes that there’s a Salesforce solution pack for customizing marketing recommendations. Truth be told, this pack builds on work NTO has effectively done, for example, executing the Marketing Cloud Connector for B2C Commerce and setting up these key mixes and information streams. 

Product, list, request, and client information imported to Marketing Cloud from Salesforce B2C Commerce 

Customer conduct and truck information gathered (through Collect Tracking Code) and sent (by means of SFTP) to Marketing Cloud 

Email works in B2C Commerce supplanted with trigger-send in Marketing Cloud 


On the off chance that NTO had not previously assembled solutions for conditional emails, deserted trucks, and coupon recovery, they would set up the Connector and different mixes now. 

What Products Does This Solution Require? 

To carry out this solution, NTO needs: 

Marketing Cloud Enterprise 2.0 

Excursion Builder 

Einstein Email Recommendations 

B2C Commerce (SFRA) 

Einstein Product Recommendations 

Pia sees that NTO has every one of the products in this rundown and is utilizing the majority of them in the three cross-cloud solutions they’ve assembled up until now. The solitary product that is new for this solution is Einstein Product Recommendations for Commerce Cloud. 

Pia’s initial step is to audit the work process. 

Work process graph that shows how day-by-day requests and customer history information streams from B2C Commerce to Marketing Cloud to support personalized recommendations. 

By empowering Einstein Product Recommendations, NTO can give product ideas while the customer is in the storefront. At that point, as customers make buys, that information is gathered and shipped off Marketing Cloud, where Collect Tracking Code and Catalog for Einstein Email Recommendations build a nitty-gritty customer profile over the long haul. Utilizing the customer’s set of experiences information, Einstein produces recommendations that can be added as a square to an email.

A) True or false: Setting up Einstein Product Recommendations in B2C Commerce is required before you can send personalized product recommendations using email.

I) True
II) False

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