True or false: The Remote Process Invocation—Request and Reply pattern accesses data in real time

Application Integration Patterns for Salesforce Lightning Platform

Security Considerations

When planning an integration arrangement, security contemplations assume a significant part. Each framework configuration has security necessities, including components like SAML, Single Sign On (SSO), and information encryption. The arrangements you fuse into your plan decide the security prerequisites you should meet.

As a component of the planning stage, you consider the delicate data conveyed in your engineering plan. For instance, say your answer requires encoding touchy client data. The integration patterns that follow the Salesforce → System heading advantage the most from carrying out Shield Platform Encryption. Safeguard Platform Encryption encodes the information before it leaves the Salesforce framework. This plan keeps up information trustworthiness per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) necessity.

Patterns in This Module

The patterns in this module center around application integration utilizing Salesforce Lightning Platform. While Salesforce takes into account UI integration—mashups and security integration with outsider sellers—those kinds of integrations are outside the extent of this module.

Salesforce Lightning Platform Integration Patterns

Here’s a rundown of the Salesforce Lightning Platform integration patterns that we cover in this module.

Far off Process Invocation—Request and Reply 

Salesforce conjures a cycle on a far-off framework and the framework at that point sits tight for an answer.

Distant Process Invocation—Fire and Forget 

Salesforce conjures a cycle in a distant framework however doesn’t hang tight for the fulfillment of the interaction.

Group Data Synchronization 

At the point when information is refreshed in an outer framework or on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, the updates are reflected in one or the other framework. Updates are applied in a bunch of ways.

Far off Call-In 

A far-off framework makes, recovers, refreshes, or erases information put away in the Lightning Platform.

Information Virtualization 

Salesforce gets to outside information progressively.

High-Frequency Data Replication 

A source framework non concurrently recreates information to an objective framework in close continuous at a high scale.


Salesforce distributes an occasion, (for example, a record made, changed, erased, etc) with no information on who might be in a bad way. Quite a few endorsers tune in for these occasions and interact with them as needs be.


Patterns share normal terminology to help you think about choices and figure out which connector or administration best meets your integration objectives.

In the following unit, we investigate how to utilize the layered way to deal with assessing patterns. You’ll perceive how four measurements help you think about and assess arrangements.

A) Which type of integration focuses on extending features and functionality across systems?

search answers

B) True or false: The Remote Process Invocation—Request and Reply pattern accesses data in real time.

  • I) True
  • II) False

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