True or False: With the Trailhead mobile app, you can ask and answer questions

Spring ’21 Release Highlights – See What’s New with Customer Success and Learning

Signature Success Plan

Mark is our new top-level success plan that gives customers with complex tasks considerably more noteworthy trust in their Salesforce execution. Mark incorporates our quickest help reaction times, discharge preparation arranging, proactive checking, and significantly more.

Mark Success Plan highlights: account management, top tier goal, and proactive administrations

Trailhead Go Enhancements

With the Spring ’21 delivery, the Trailblazer Community Collaboration usefulness is currently accessible straightforwardly in the Trailhead GO portable application. Ask and answer inquiries, track with significant updates in your gatherings, and find newly highlighted bunches as you interface from any place.

Trailhead on a portable screen with Community usefulness

Learn more about Trailhead GO upgrades.


Salesforce Site: Salesforce Releases

Trailhead Module: Salesforce Release Readiness Strategies

A) What does the Signature Success Plan include?

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B) True or False: With the Trailhead mobile app, you can ask and answer questions, follow along with important updates in your groups, and discover new featured groups.

  • I) True
  • II) False


What is Trailhead How does it works?

Trailhead is a platform for learning about Salesforce and the different technologies that it supports. It is an online, self-paced learning environment that can be accessed from anywhere. You can access Trailhead from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Trailhead provides you with tutorials and quizzes on topics like:

Salesforce Basics

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Data Analytics

Why trailhead is not working?

Trailhead is not working because it is complex and new technology. It requires a lot of time to learn and it can be difficult for beginners.

What does the app launcher allow users to do?

The app launcher is a feature that allows users to quickly access apps and files. It’s a more convenient way to find the app or file that you’re looking for.

It has been designed to make it easy for users to get the content they need without having to leave their current screen and open another window.


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