True or false: You can add KPIs from any dashboard to your watchlist

Build Your Watchlist – Tableau CRM Watchlist: Quick Look

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

  • Add dashboard KPIs to the watchlist.
  • Characterize which watchlist measurements will show up on the Home page.

Get Started with the Watchlist

A watchlist allows you to catch and track up to 20 key execution pointers (KPI) across various dashboards, in addition to verifiable moving. This implies no more exchanging between dashboards to perceive what has changed, and it allows you to follow your measurements across the board place.

Watchlist is probably the furthest down-the-line improvement to the Tableau CRM Home page. This watchlist isn’t cared for marathon watching your number one real-time feature, yet rather it’s like watchlists utilized by financial backers to screen stocks. Luckily, you shouldn’t be a Wall Street genius to utilize it.

Do You Need a Watchlist? Of Course, You Do!

KPIs in Tableau CRM start as estimations from at least one dataset, and their outcomes are added to dashboards for clients to view and screen. As dataset updates are handled, the most recent information gets pushed to the dashboards and the refreshed data is reflected in the dashboard KPIs.

As a business client, it’s consoling to realize that you’re seeing the most current data. After some time, the KPIs that are important to you can be scattered across different dashboards. This can make it hard to follow your KPIs and see how they are moving.

Luckily, you have the watchlist as your KPI instrument board to assist stay with an increasing date.

A) True or False: You can add KPIs from any dashboard to your watchlist.

  • I) True
  • II) False

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·       MySQL

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