What are the two main kinds of live web chat Pia can implement using this solution kit?

Customer Service Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Enable Real-Time Conversations with Customers

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Rundown the products expected to enable real-time conversations with customers.

Portray the two ways to executing live webchat with Service Cloud.

Discover assets for executing this solution.

Visit, Two Ways

Pia and her group have effectively taken some immense steps making customer service at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) first-rate. That doesn’t mean Pia’s work is done, however.

NTO perceives that unrivaled customer service can comprehensively affect the shopping experience of their customers. To improve that experience, NTO needs to carry out two kinds of live webchat.

Live specialist visit: Service specialists who offer customized support

Chatbots: AI-controlled bots that offer self-assistance for a bunch of utilization cases that you can mechanize

NTO needs customers to talk with live specialists to find support with orders and pose inquiries. They need specialists to visit with customers at their snapshot of need and at snapshots of potential experience relinquishment. They need specialists to utilize visits to direct the customer on an agreeable, conversational path to the perfect solution at the perfect time.

By conveying Conversational Commerce, NTO:

Enables Embedded Service to visit on explicit pages in the site customer-facing facade when you set up web talk as a direct in Service Cloud.

Brands the live specialist visits insight to line up with the customer-facing facade.

Starts live specialist visit when a customer begins the checkout cycle yet doesn’t proceed.

Proposes live specialist visits when a customer plays out an inquiry that yields helpless outcomes.

Utilizes live specialist visits to help forestall customer surrender.

What Products Does This Solution Require?

This solution requires similar products as the past two.

B2C Commerce (SFRA; to get to this Github archive, sign in utilizing your Commerce Cloud Account Manager certifications)

Service Cloud (Chat)

Two Flavors of Real-Time Chat

There are two different ways to furnish online live talk with Service Cloud: live specialist visits and chatbots.

Live specialist talk permits real-time correspondence among customers and service specialists, while AI-controlled chatbots use Einstein to respond to customers’ inquiries.

Pia realizes that NTO’s service specialists are up for the errand of live talk, so she checks the solution unit for execution subtleties. Indeed she overviews the work process outline as her initial step.

This work process outline shows a live specialist talk meeting: A customer begins a meeting, at that point B2C Commerce passes the customer’s ID utilizing pre-chat factors to the live visit snap-in, which places the talk in the line. A specialist at that point gets the talk meeting, during which they can get the customer’s order status or give checkout help.

Work process chart showing the fundamental incorporations for executing live specialist talk with customers

A) What are the two main kinds of live web chat Pia can implement using this solution kit?

  • I) Live agent chat and chatbots
  • II) SMS messaging and chatbots
  • III) Social media messaging and telephony
  • IV) Carrier pigeons and pneumatic tubes

 B) What’s one situation where live agent chat can keep shoppers engaged?

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