What can you do with the Spring ’21 enhancements to Data Prep?

Spring ’21 Release Highlights – See What’s New with Analytics

Scene CRM: Dashboard Components

Dashboard components give you a better approach to fabricate dynamic dashboards with reusable gadgets, saving you time and exertion.

Learn more about Dashboard Components.

Scene CRM: Data Prep Enhancements

Store depictions of top indicators and enhancements in your datasets with the new foresee hub in data prep. Windowing capacities are presently accessible in equations in Data Prep Recipes for Tableau CRM.

Learn more about Tableau CRM: Data Prep upgrades.

#Why trailhead is not working?

Trailhead is not working because it is complex and new technology. It requires a lot of time to learn and it can be difficult for beginners. It is not just a new technology. It is still in development and it is being taught at colleges across the United States. The trailhead remains offline because of a lack of funding, which is required to teach students and provide feedback on the program.


Salesforce Site: Salesforce Releases

Trailhead Module: Salesforce Release Readiness Strategies

A) True or False: Tableau Prep Builder enables you to prep your data from all the places you have access to a browser.

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B) What can you do with the Spring ’21 enhancements to Data Prep?

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  • I) Store summary data of top predictors with the new calculate node
  • II) Polynomial functions in formulas
  • III) Store descriptions of top predictors with the new predict node
  • IV) Build dynamic dashboards with reusable widgets

Recommended Programming Language

·       PYTHON

·       JAVA

·       C/ C++

·       HTML

·       MySQL

·       PROJECTS 

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