What does Collect Tracking Code do?

Customer Engagement Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Encourage Shoppers to Return to Abandoned Carts

What Products Does This Solution Require?

To execute this solution, NTO needs: 

B2C Commerce (SFRA)

Promoting Cloud Enterprise 2.0

Einstein Email Recommendations

Pia considers the work process chart in the solution unit to perceive what happens when a customer adds things to their truck yet doesn’t finish the buy.

Work process chart that shows what happens when a customer adds things to a truck and neglects to look at them.

As in the conditional email work process, customer action in B2C Commerce triggers an email send in Marketing Cloud. The abandoned truck work process adds a subsequent Marketing Cloud trigger, contingent upon what the customer does in the wake of tapping the abandoned truck email interface.

Information Feeds and Performance

Pia and Charlotte begin delving into the subtleties. A few kinds of information are now moving from B2C Commerce to Marketing Cloud, yet for this solution, they investigate the list information feed. To ensure Marketing Cloud can submit the best proposals to customers, they include item order information. They additionally choose to execute streaming index refreshes, since NTO here and there have streak deals and different occasions that update item information during the day. Luckily NTO doesn’t have an enormous number of item SKUs, since streaming updates aren’t proficient around there.

Collect Shopper Behavior and Set Up Behavioral Triggers

Then, Charlotte utilizes the Marketing Cloud Connector’s reference execution of Collect Tracking Code as a benchmark for her execution, while adding extra following focuses to fulfill her business requirements. This code catches information about customer conduct and shopping basket changes, and safely sends the information to Marketing Cloud. She additionally carries out Behavioral Triggers in Marketing Cloud to send social information into information augmentations that NTO advertisers can use in email sends and travels.

Send Emails to Customers and Track Their Responses

Since social information is moving from B2C Commerce to Marketing Cloud, advertisers can creator savvy travels that make it simple for customers to complete their buy.

For instance, NTO can ensure the Warm and Wacky Waterproof Waders are as yet in stock prior to advancing them in the abandoned truck email (if the waders are sold out, and NTO doesn’t plan to delay purchase them, they can hinder that item altogether). NTO can likewise remember a URL for the email that reproduces the truck in B2C Commerce when the customer taps the connection. Charlotte basically stretches out the customer-facing facade experience to search for the truck definition in the email connect.

At last, Charlotte empowers click following to catch data about customers who click their abandoned truck email interface. Utilizing commitment information, Isabelle (with the assistance of Einstein) gains a significant understanding of customer conduct.

Not any more anguishing about the fisher that moved away!

A) How do the digital marketers at NTO benefit from being able to track abandoned shopping carts?

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B) What does Collect Tracking Code do?

  • I) Calculates sales tax amounts and adds them to the discount offer NTO sends to shoppers
  • II) Captures data about shopper behavior and shopping cart changes
  • III) Captures data about Trailhead badges that the shopper has earned and adds them to the shopper’s profile
  • IV) Counts and reports how many shoppers have abandoned their shopping cart during a specified period

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