What is a Salesforce solution kit?

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Learning Objectives 

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Portray what a Salesforce solution kit is and for what reason you’d utilize one.

Rundown the products expected to see customers’ order history and cancel orders on behalf of customers.

Discover assets for carrying out this solution.

What’s a Solution Kit?

Salesforce gives solution kits to assist you with taking care of normal business issues by interfacing with different clouds or products. Numerous solution kits are remembered for Customer 360 Guides, which bundle together an assortment of assets to assist your business with incorporating Salesforce clouds and convey effective, customized encounters for your customers and accomplices.

The entirety of the solution kits referred to in this module are essential for the Customer 360 Guide for Retail, which centers around meeting customer requests and making an associated web-based shopping experience. You can get familiar with this guide on Trailhead by acquiring the Customer 360 Guide for Retail: Quick Look identification.

Every solution kit covers a true use case and gives a rundown of required products, contemplations, connectors, and setup steps. Solution kits additionally incorporate a significant level work process graph to manage your interaction, and some incorporate a solution engineering outline also.

The objective of this module isn’t to walk you through executing a solution bit by bit, but instead to show you what’s conceivable with solution kits. We likewise guide you toward the assets you’ll require on the off chance that you would like to execute a solution portrayed here.

Meet Northern Trail Outfitters

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is an outerwear, attire, and stuff retailer for outside entertainment and wellness.

Pia Larson is NTO’s do-it-all endeavor designer. She utilizes her profound ability of Salesforce clouds, cloud engineering, and information the board to guarantee that NTO has the apparatuses NTO needs to keep its customers cheerful.

As of late, Kai Williams, the VP of customer administration at NTO, brought a long-standing problem area to Pia’s consideration. At times, customers need to cancel an order since they adjust their perspectives on the buy or track down an alternate thing they like. NTO needs to let administration specialists see order history and cancel orders at the customer’s solicitation.

At present, the entirety of NTO’s customer administration information—order history and subtleties—is in a Salesforce B2C Commerce execution. At the point when a customer calls NTO, the specialist on the opposite stopping point can’t get to their order history from the Service Console. This distinction makes for a terrible customer administration experience, adding to the call time resolution since specialists must “turn” to another framework to discover a customer’s order. Furthermore, they probably won’t approach it by any means.

The Solution: View Order Details and Cancel Orders on Behalf of Customers

Pia works with Charlotte Liu, NTO’s devoted solution designer, to begin assembling a solution.

Setting up and designing the Service Cloud Connector gives NTO’s customer administration specialists the information and fundamental consents to more readily serve customers. At the point when a customer calls NTO, administration specialists can see the customer’s order history and subtleties in the Service Console. Specialists can dispatch shopping meetings to order on behalf of customers and make gradual updates to customer profiles. Specialists can likewise cancel orders put inside a purchaser’s regret period for customers.

A) What is a Salesforce solution kit?

  • I) A diagram that shows you how to connect multiple clouds or products
  • II) An add-on feature for Service Cloud
  • III) A series of Trailhead modules that teach you a new skill
  • IV) A set of documentation and resources that gives you everything you need to implement a cross-cloud solution

B) How does the B2C Commerce to Service Cloud connector set Pia up for success as she integrates Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce?

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