What is a Salesforce solution kit?

Customer Engagement Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Keep Shoppers Informed and Engaged with Transactional Emails

Keep Shoppers Informed and Engaged with Transactional Emails

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Depict what a Salesforce solution kit is and for what reason you’d utilize one.

Rundown the products expected to email request status data to shoppers.

Discover assets for executing this solution.

What’s a Solution Kit?

Salesforce gives solution kits to assist you with taking care of basic business issues by interfacing with various mists or products. You can discover numerous solution kits in our Customer 360 Guides, which present an assortment of assets to assist your business with incorporating Salesforce mists and convey effective, customized encounters for your clients and accomplices.

The entirety of the solution kits referred to in this module are essential for the Customer 360 Guide for Retail, which assists you with making an associated web-based shopping experience and fulfills client needs. You can get familiar with this guide on Trailhead by acquiring the Customer 360 Guide for Retail: Quick Look identification.

Every solution kit tends to a true use case and gives a rundown of required products, contemplations, connectors, and setup steps. Solution kits likewise incorporate a significant level work process chart to control your cycle, and some incorporate a solution engineering outline also.

The objective of this module isn’t to walk you through executing a solution bit by bit, yet rather to show you what’s conceivable with solution kits. We likewise guide you toward the assets you need in the event that you would like to carry out a solution portrayed here.

Meet Northern Trail Outfitters

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is an outerwear, clothing, and stuff retailer for outside amusement and wellness.

Ralph Vasquez, VP of promoting, and Kai Williams, VP of client care, need to ensure that NTO shoppers are completely informed about their buys, from starting request to definite conveyance. They realize that NTO can fabricate client trust (and avoid pointless client care calls) by consoling shoppers that their online retail facade buy is going easily from start to finish.

Ralph’s group as of now utilizes Marketing Cloud to make client excursions and email showcasing efforts. Presently he needs to send another sort of email to clients: transactional email. These messages educate shoppers about their request status, give dispatching time and following data, and caution them when the shipment shows up.

Ralph sets up an ideal opportunity to ask Pia Larson, NTO’s endeavor modeler, what it will take to begin sending transactional messages. He’s a little stressed over the information: all customer, list, and request information are put away in Salesforce B2C Commerce, not Marketing Cloud. Be that as it may, Pia has profound information on Salesforce mists, cloud engineering, and information on the board. So in the event that anybody can figure out how to bring B2C Commerce information into Marketing Cloud, Pia can.

The Solution: Send Transactional Emails

Pia works with Charlotte Liu, NTO’s solution planner, and Isabelle Givens, NTO’s advanced promoting supervisor, to begin constructing a solution.

They will likely empower single direction sharing of information from B2C Commerce to Marketing Cloud, so NTO can utilize customer action in B2C Commerce to trigger transactional email sends from Marketing Cloud. Interfacing the two veils of mist additionally implies NTO can streamline and unify email creating and content administration, track email execution utilizing Marketing Cloud Analytics, and improve promoting dexterity, proficiency, and mission execution.

Looking Ahead to Even More Personalization

At the point when Pia and Charlotte present their work to Isabelle, NTO’s computerized promoting chief, she’s enchanted. What’s more, she’s anxious to investigate further personalization improvements to NTO’s client messages. Pia and Charlotte have uplifting news for her: Salesforce made a solution kit for customizing showcasing proposals. We investigate that solution kit later in this module.

A) What is a Salesforce solution kit?

I) A managed package available on AppExchange

II) A set of Lightning web components that you deploy to your B2C Commerce storefront

III) A set of documentation and resources that gives you everything you need to implement a cross-cloud solution

IV) A and B

B) True or false: After implementing the Transactional Email solution, NTO continues to use the native order confirmation logic in B2C Commerce.

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