What is a strategy for designing software to consume less energy?

Design for Sustainability > Best Practices for Sustainable Design  > Apply Green UX Principles 

Learning Objectives 

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 



  • Clarify the two primary techniques for green client experience (UX). 
  • Clarify the principles and best acts of green UX. 


Up until now, this module has given you functional tips and best practices for consolidating manageability into configuration work if computerized. In this unit, you find out about green client experience (UX)— plan principles and ways to deal with decrease the ecological effect of your advanced plans. 

The web utilizes a great deal of energy. While server farms are getting increasingly productive and the framework is gradually changing over to environmentally friendly power, the guideline of accomplishing more with less is one that ought to resound with each fashioner. As Mies van der Rohe said, “Toning it down would be best.” 

With regards to programming plan, architects help shape the client encounters that are converted into computational cycles and organization traffic. That implies fashioners have a significant task to carry out in planning a web that utilizes less force. 


Outer Site: More than a Megawatt. Implanting Social and Environmental Impact in the Renewable Energy Procurement Process 

Outside Site: Union of Concerned Scientists: Each Country’s Share of CO2 Emissions 

Outside Site: United States Data Center Energy Usage Report, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Outside Site: Medium: Energy Consumption Android App UX Case Study 

Outside Site: Nature Research: How to prevent server farms from eating up the world’s power 

Trailhead: Strategies for Positive Environmental Impact 

Outside Site: Mightybytes: What Fast Food Drive-Throughs Can Teach Us About Making Fast Websites.

A) What is a strategy for designing software to consume less energy?



  • I) Minimize network traffic.
  • II) Minimize users.
  • III) Minimize compute cycles.
  • IV) A and C
  • V) B and C


B) Which of these is a way to apply the principles of green UX?

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