What is a Trailhead playground? Get Started with Trailhead basics

Get Started with Trailhead basics

3) What is a Trailhead playground? Answers

A. A forum made up of other Trailhead users
B. A jungle gym where Astro and friends hang out
C. An org you can use to test your Salesforce skills and complete hands-on challenges
D. A series of modules and projects

1) Who is Trailhead for?


2)What’s one reason to sign up for Trailhead with a social media account?


What’s a Trailhead Playground?

When you encounter your first hands-on challenge, you’ll see a dropdown that lets you launch your hands-on org. A Trailhead Playground is an org that you can use for hands-on challenges, learning new features, and testing customizations. If you haven’t created one, don’t worry. You get one automatically when you create a Trailhead account.

You can customize your trailhead playground if you want, and it comes with a set of trailhead-specific data that you can use after completing challenges. Although Trailhead Playgrounds has limitations (for example, in Trailhead Playground you can create only two users), they give you customization options in the same way as a production organ. And a trailhead playground is never finished, as long as you keep using it.

You can also use a developer version org to complete the challenges at hand. In fact, a developer version org is similar to a trailhead playground, but trailhead playgrounds come with trailhead-specific data and a pre-installed unmanaged package that we use to test solutions to the challenge with your hands. Unlike a developer version ORG, you can spin a trailhead playground with the push of a button, without filling out a form, right from the trailhead, and then launch it with just one click when you need it.

To learn more about building a trailhead playground, see Trailhead Playground Management.

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