What is behavior change design?

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Design to Encourage Positive Behavior 

Learning Objectives 

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 


  • Characterize behavior change design. 
  • Name the seven individual behaviors with the greatest effect on environmental change. 
  • Rundown Rare’s six behavioral switches of behavior change. 



This module was created in a joint effort with Rare. Get familiar with accomplice content on Trailhead. 

Prior to You Start 

Before you complete any units in this module, ensure you complete Best Practices for Sustainable Design. The work you do here expands on the ideas you realize there. 

Know the Role Business, Design, and People Play 

This path, Design for Sustainability, has zeroed in on the job that organizations and designers can play intending to a portion of the world’s most squeezing difficulties, for example, environmental change. This center is deliberate, as enterprises and organizations incredibly sway the discharges that cause environmental change more than singular buyers do. Our goals to address a worldwide test like environmental change with the speed and scale required must be met by entire enterprises and nations chipping away at the issue. 

Notwithstanding, singular behaviors do assume a major part in the environment arrangements laid out by specialists diagramming a way to decarbonization. Of the 80 environmental arrangements introduced by environment charitable Project Drawdown and featured in the examination, Climate Change Needs Behavior Change, 30 are behavioral arrangements that can relieve up to 33% of worldwide emanations from 2020 to 2050. These go past getting individuals to reuse, utilize less plastic, or fertilizer (none of these activities even position among the best 25 different ways Americans can most successfully decrease their greenhouse gas [GHG] discharges). 

What’s more, as people, we seek to assume a part also. A 2019 survey by Rare shows that in excess of 55% of Americans accept that residents ought to accomplish more to address environmental change. 

Recognize the Behaviors That Matter Most 

In light of ongoing examination, Rare revealed seven individual behaviors individuals can embrace with the best potential for environmental sway. Uncommon determined that if every one of these seven behaviors were embraced by even 10% of Americans, it would diminish the hole to America’s emanations focuses in the Paris Agreement (the peaceful accord endorsed by pretty much every nation to lessen worldwide GHG discharges to safe levels) by more than 75%. 

The behaviors, coordinated A through G, are recorded alongside their expected combined effect on the United States discharges. For subtleties on the best way to embrace every one of the activities, see the Resources segment. 

Receive a plant-rich eating routine. Eat less meat. 

Yearly emanations reserve funds of 25 megatons of CO2 discharges (MtCO2e) and general wellbeing and culture worth between $1.1 billion and $12.7 billion every year. 

cloud with a privilege pointing bolt on a paper dollar with a left-pointing bolt 

Purchase carbon counterbalances. Balance your home’s energy use with sustainable power. 

Yearly outflows of investment funds of 276 MtCO2e and a social worth between $12.4 billion and $142.6 billion every year. 

sun based roof board 

Agreement for green energy. Buy roof sunlight-based or environmentally friendly power credits. 

Yearly discharges investment funds of 82 MtCO2e and a social worth between $4 billion and $42 billion every year. 

squander canister with a leaf logo 

Try not to squander food. Improve how you purchase, store, and discard it. 

Yearly outflows of investment funds of 25 MtCO2e and a social worth between $1.1 billion and $13.1 billion every year. 

a vehicle with an electric fitting logo 

Zap your vehicle. Make your next vehicle an EV. 

Yearly discharges investment funds of 65 MtCO2e and a social worth between $2.9 billion and $33.4 billion every year. 

Fly less. Use video conferencing more. 

Yearly outflows reserve funds of 4 MtCO2e and a social worth between $0.2 billion and $2.1 billion every year. 

Get connected socially. Duplicate your activity by impacting others. 

Participating in close-to-home endeavors to enhance positive behavior change builds the effects assessed previously. Getting socially drawn in can be pretty much as basic as discussing these activities with loved ones or can be additionally enhanced through friendly sharing. 

Remember Behavior Change Design for Your Work 

So if 10% of US buyers embraced these behaviors, we’d altogether decrease the country’s commitment to environmental change. How could we, as designers of the decisions individuals make, support the reception of these behaviors? 

Changing behavior isn’t simple. In any case, it helps in the event that we realize how the human mind functions. Seeing how the cerebrum functions empower you to design moderately little mediations that can bring about significant behavioral movements. 

This works similarly what a switch does on support: a state of influence that permits you to move something that appears to be difficult to move. We consider these places of influence in the mind the switches of behavior change. 

A) What is behavior change design?

  • I) Personal willpower
  • II) Governmental policies
  • III) Strategies to change people’s actions
  • IV) A type of climate change

B) What impact could the seven behaviors have if adopted by 10 percent of US citizens?

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