What is the choice architecture lever?

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Design for Choice Architecture

Learning Objectives

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 



  • Characterize choice architecture. 
  • Clarify why choice architecture is an amazing behavioral switch. 


Apply choice architecture to behavior change. 

What shirt to wear? What to do first? What seat to sit in? Our minds should settle on a huge number of choices every day. They’ve figured out how to depend intensely on alternate routes and dreary behaviors to limit the measure of mental exertion it takes to explore every one of the choices we need to make in a solitary day. Regardless of our general ignorance of these easy routes, they influence most of our everyday choices and activities. 

You can improve the probability of wanted behaviors in the event that we comprehend these psychological easy routes. For instance, we’re probably going to pick a default choice instead of burning through the energy to altogether consider different alternatives and hazard veering off from the norm. 

Changing the conditions under which we settle on choices is an incredible switch for behavior change. Choice architecture is tied in with changing the setting in which such choices are made. 


A) What is the choice architecture lever?


  • I) Changing the context in which choices are made
  • II) Designing better buildings
  • III) A process for selecting green architects
  • IV) A decision node in a user experience process diagram

B) Why is choice architecture a powerful lever for behavior change?

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