What is the difference between intent and impact? Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Introduction Inclusive Marketing with Your Company 


Learning Objectives 



  • Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 
  • Understand the distinction between goal and impact. 
  • Rundown the six standards of inclusive marketing. 


Our Journey to Creating Six Principles 


At Salesforce, we’ve been on a way to assemble a bunch of core values to help uphold our substance makers and occasions groups in making marketing that is liberated from social predisposition, mirrors the different networks we serve, hoists assorted voices, resounds with the entirety of our clients, and leads with our fundamental belief of equality for all. What you see here are six standards we’ve refined and updated from long periods of center gathering testing and genuine difficulties that required a smart, key, and organized arrangement. We absolutely don’t have every one of the appropriate responses, yet this unit is an outline of what we’ve realized en route. We share these standards with you—our more prominent local area—with the expectation that they help you and your organization, and they cultivate an open exchange where we can gain from one another and become together. 


Goal versus Impact 


We like to start all discussions about Equality by underscoring the expression: goal versus impact. This is the possibility that while most of the time we are on the whole working with positive expectation, it’s the impact of our activities that genuinely matters. All through this unit, we present anonymized instances of organizations (counting ourselves) and people who have stumbled. For each situation, we show the meaning of the impact and genuine business suggestions. The fact of the matter isn’t to disgrace anybody, yet rather to gain from these activities together. 


As people, our tendency is to feel protective when blamed for accomplishing something incorrectly. We regularly hear individuals say, “I didn’t imply that to be chauvinist, but…” or “I’m no bigot, but…” for example. Nonetheless, when we think about the impact of our activities, instead of zeroing in on our own plan, that is the point at which we can push ahead and make a better, more inclusive substance that reverberates with all. Simultaneously, recollect that we are generally learning together and we as a whole have and will keep on committing errors. In any case, we can focus on being open, tuning in with compassion, proceeding with our schooling, and driving advancement forward.


A) What is the difference between intent and impact?

I) Intent is the intention behind a message, while impact is how the message is actually perceived.

II) Intent is negative, and impact is positive.

III) Intent is the tone of the message, and impact is the language of the message.

IV) The intent and impact of a message are exactly the same thing


2What are the six principles of inclusive marketing?




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