What is the maximum number of metrics you can see on your Tableau CRM Home page?

Build Your Watchlist – Tableau CRM Watchlist: Quick Look

A Watchlist Starts with One Step

Setting up a watchlist is simple. Start by distinguishing and finding the dashboards that contain the KPIs you need to screen. You can just add KPIs from the dashboards you approach.

  1. Open the dashboard that contains the KPI you need to watch.
  2. Find the KPI dashboard widget.
  3. Open the dropdown menu and click Add to Watchlist.
  4. Name the watchlist metric.
  5. Under Change Format, click the radio button to indicate how changes are followed. For instance, select Standard for positive increments, like Quarterly Sales or Reversed for negative increments, for example, client agitate.
  6. Click Save.

The KPI is added as a watchlist metric, and its moving course of events will be noticeable within 24 hours. Remember you can have 20 KPIs on a watchlist!

You can change and erase a watchlist metric, and furthermore, open its source dashboard to see the measurement on its home dashboard.

Play Favorites

It’s consistently a smart thought to watch out for your most basic KPIs. These KPIs can be key markers of in general upward or descending patterns. The Tableau CRM Home page displays up to five of your watchlist measurements for a speedy look, and you can pick the measurements you need to display by moving basic measurements to the first spot on the list.

  • Click the Watchlist tab on the Tableau CRM Home page.
  • Click Change Order at the lower part of the measurements posting.
  • Drag the measurement to its new position.
  • Click Save.


It’s hard to stay aware of the relative multitude of changes that are going on with numerous dashboard KPIs. The watchlist makes it simple to do that, empowering you to screen drifts across the board place. Survey the accommodating assets to find out more, at that point make your own watchlist to watch out for your most significant KPIs.

B) What is the maximum number of metrics you can see on your Tableau CRM Home page?

  • I) 5
  • II) 15
  • III) 20
  • IV) All of your metrics

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