What is the social influence lever?

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Design for Social Influence 

Learning Objectives

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 

Characterize social influence. 

Clarify why social influence is an amazing behavioral switch. 

Apply social influence to behavior change design. 

Recognize Social Influence 

People are social creatures and our choices are exceptionally reliant on everyone around us. This incorporates our ability to participate, adjust, and change because of social pressing factors or through after the lead of those we respect. 

We’ve developed with an assortment of these social senses through two components. 

Social confirmation. This is the inclination to regard our social climate as a wellspring of data. On the off chance that others are fleeing looking frozen, it’s most likely savvy to go along with them ceaselessly to think. Convictions and behaviors, thusly, will in general be socially infectious. 

Adjustment to standards. Assumptions, or friend pressure, are a driver for bunch union and collaboration. We feel abnormal about veering off from satisfactory behavior since we need to be acknowledged by people around us. 

Social influence utilizes the behavior, convictions, and assumptions for others to achieve wanted behavior change. 


Outside Site: Stanford: Changing behaviors might be simpler when individuals see standards changing, Stanford research finds

A) What is the social influence lever?


  • I) Social network apps for behavior change
  • II) Tools for tracking social behaviors
  • III) Motivating change through personal, deeply held beliefs learned over the course of time
  • IV) Use of behavior, beliefs, and expectations of others to encourage the desired behavior change


B) Why is social influence a powerful lever for behavior change?

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