What’s one advantage of using person accounts to manage cross-cloud data?

Cross-Cloud Customer Identity and Data Management for Salesforce B2C Commerce >Manage Customer Data Across Clouds

Learning Objectives 

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Clarify the various conceivable information models for overseeing customer information credits across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce B2C Commerce, and Marketing Cloud.

Discover assets for executing this solution.

Such a large number of Data Models, Too Little Time

Our trader, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO), is an outerwear, attire, and stuff retailer for open-air diversion and wellness. NTO stores customer information across B2C Commerce, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud.

Pia Larson, NTO’s venture designer, needs to improve the manner in which it connects with customers and set up a typical profile for every customer across its whole stage.

Having bunches of customer information to manage is an extraordinary issue to have, however an issue regardless. To have the bound-together experience they expect, each NTO customer needs to have a typical profile across clouds. This profile incorporates fundamental information about every customer, like name, address, birthday, telephone, and email, just as assent and consistence inclinations, case and request history, and membership inclinations.

Other Data Models

In spite of the fact that Pia decided to utilize personal records to bring together customer character across clouds, there are a few other conceivable information models.

Singular article: For consistent use cases, the Individual item helps total consistency banners for information identified with individuals in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Leads: Lead records to incorporate insights concerning individuals who are keen on your items and administrations. Salesforce stores lead subtleties in lead records.

Records and Contacts: The first design offered by Salesforce, Accounts, and Contacts (family and association) upholds B2B and B2C, simplifies revealing, and backing outsider joining.

Peruse more about every information demonstrating the solution in the Explore Cross-Cloud Engagement Data Models solution unit.

A) What’s one advantage of using person accounts to manage cross-cloud data?

  • I) They automatically logically group multiple customers into one record.
  • II) They can handle a mix of B2B and B2C functionality.
  • III) They’re the only Salesforce object that generates a unique ID.
  • IV) A and C

B) What’s one other possible data model for identifying customers across clouds?

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