What’s one situation where live agent chat can keep shoppers engaged?

Customer Service Solutions for Salesforce B2C Commerce -Enable Real-Time Conversations with Customers

What about the Service Cloud Connector?

Despite the fact that Pia and Charlotte utilized the Service Cloud Connector to work with more extravagant customer service collaborations, such as ordering on behalf of a customer, it’s not required to set up a live visit.

The solutions Pia executed in the initial two units of this identification are as yet significant, however. What benefit is a live visit if the service specialist can’t look into a customer’s order or order history as they’re conversing with them?

Next step:

Pia alludes to the Service Cloud Chat Developer Guide and the Web Chat Basics module to get the ball moving on her execution. Pia can utilize the test snap-in talk page she made when she acquired the Web Chat Basics identification to test live visits in her organization.

Since she as of now utilizes the Service Cloud Connector to coordinate Salesforce B2C Commerce and Service Cloud, each customer who enlisted or submitted a request as a visitor as of now has a related individual record. Perusing the solution unit, Pia realizes that she needs to tell Service Cloud the best way to distinguish customers when they start a live talk utilizing profile identifiers put away in the customer’s B2C Commerce profile.

Distinguishing customer is a critical piece of live talk, and Pia alludes to the Configuration segment of the solution pack to become familiar with customer personality contemplations and arrangement steps.

When she’s certain that Service Cloud visit is filling in as it ought to, she stretches out B2C Commerce to deal with the talk experience utilizing custom site inclinations and inclination gatherings. At long last, she stretches out the retail facade to deliver the talk insight.

The End Result:

Pia and her group have executed three related solutions for NTO, taking their customer service insight from not really good or bad to superpowered.

Presently when a customer calls NTO with an inquiry concerning their order, a solicitation, or an issue, the specialist on the opposite end can see the customer’s order history straightforwardly in the Service Console, and drop or spot orders on behalf of the customer.

Shouldn’t something is said about customers who would prefer not to get the telephone? Pia covered that too with conversational commerce, permitting customers to visit live with specialists.

A) What are the two main kinds of live web chat Pia can implement using this solution kit?

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B) What’s one situation where live agent chat can keep shoppers engaged?

  • I) When a customer checks out, live agent chat pops up so they can be prompted to complete a survey.
  • II) When a customer opens a competitor’s site, live agent chat prompts them to return to yours.
  • III) When a customer performs a search that yields poor results, the site suggests live agent chat.
  • IV) A and B
  • V) A and C

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