When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce, look for:

Discover Use Cases for the Platform – Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Learning Objectives 

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 

  • Depict test use cases for the platform. 
  • Discover explanations behind utilizing the platform across numerous offices. 

High Impact, Low Effort

The platform assists you with moving quick. Some portion of that speed comes from supplanting undertakings you’re accustomed to doing by hand with more smoothed-out measures. So we should stop briefly to discuss a few different ways the Salesforce platform can speed up your business. 

At the point when you’re figuring out how to expand on the platform, the principal things you need to handle are projects that have a large effect yet are not difficult to carry out. While that sounds optimistic, the platform gives you loads of freedom to put forth enormous changes with insignificant attempts. 

We should consider a model from DreamHouse. Michelle and her kindred merchants regularly use email to talk about specific properties. Here and there, Michelle takes part in numerous strings talking about the very property and that can get befuddling. Between every one of the messages, subtleties get lost. Furthermore, when merchants neglect a detail, they can pass up a deal or commit an error that impacts the purchaser. 

Michelle looking overpowered by messages. 

So how does the Salesforce platform help this issue? Indeed, for DreamHouse Realty, D’Angelo made a custom Property object, which we found in the last unit. Each time you make a custom article, you consequently get something many refer to as Chatter feed following. Gab feed following gives a route to different individuals to remark and team up on a specific record. The conversations and choices are put away on the record so everybody can keep awake to date on significant choices. Presently Michelle and her representatives don’t need to utilize email any longer for their conversations about a particular property. 

An illustration of a Chatter post to work together on a particular property. 

By making a solitary custom item, you can thoroughly change how your association teams up. High effect, low exertion. As you begin working with the platform, look out for measures with: 

  • Hefty email joint effort 
  • Dependence on bookkeeping pages 
  • Shared neighborhood reports 
  • Time-concentrated, redundant manual advances 
  • Effect on a couple of divisions (you need to limit the number of partners while you’re actually learning) 

Cycles with these characteristics are extraordinary contenders for early activities on the Salesforce platform. 

Different Uses for the Platform 

In our DreamHouse story, we’re utilizing Salesforce to help realtors sell houses better. However, you can alter the platform to help in a lot of other business assignments, and not only for the Sales division. We should investigate a couple alternate ways you can expand on Salesforce.

A) When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce, look for:

  • I) Manual processes with numerous steps
  • II) Email-driven processes
  • III) Teams using spreadsheets to run the business
  • IV) Documents shared on local directories
  • V) All of the above

B) Three use cases for Finance on the platform are:

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