When you’re getting started with AppExchange, a best practice is to:

Power Up with AppExchange – Salesforce Platform Basics

Learning Objectives

  • Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to: 
  • Build up your own AppExchange methodology. 
  • Introduce an application from AppExchange. 

What Is AppExchange?

You are probably fine with the possibility of application stores. Whether you’re downloading applications to your telephone, tablet, PC, or another gadget, you need to download and introduce applications to capitalize on your innovation.

Salesforce is the same way. First, we referred to the enterprise environment. Salesforce has a local community of friends who use the adaptability of the Salesforce platform to build amazing applications and a variety of systems that anyone can use. These contributions are accessible for installation on the AppExchange (some for free, some at cost).

Strategies for Success

D’Angelo’s DreamHouse application is a raging success among the organization’s land agents. However, if we’re being sane, D’Angelo is just one person. There are countless hours in the day for his associates to grow new applications.

Fortunately, AppExchange is full of apps D’Angelo can download to help DreamHouse oversee everything from finances to support that includes a variety of tools like Evernote and MailChimp

Follow these means to build up a decent AppExchange system. 

  • Distinguish divisions that utilize or plan to utilize Salesforce. These are your essential partners.
  • Examination of what’s accessible on AppExchange that best meets your partner’s necessities. Talk about business cases with division heads to decide carefully requirements. Here are some acceptable inquiries to pose: 
  • What business issue would you say you are attempting to address? 
  • What are your principal trouble spots at the present time? 
  • What number of clients need this application? 
  • What’s your financial plan? 
  • What’s your timetable? 

These inquiries assist you with recognizing applications that are the best fit for every division or business case. 

A) When you’re getting started with AppExchange, a best practice is to:

  • I)Install apps of interest right away.
  • II)Request the top 3 apps from each department.
  • III)Develop a plan, including budget, timing, and key department use cases.
  • IV)Install apps directly into production.
B)When you want to find an app after you install it, what should you enter in the Quick Find box in Setup?


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