Which API does NTO use to keep coupon redemption data up to date?

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What Products Does This Solution Require?

NTO as of now has the products required for this solution.

B2C Commerce (SFRA)

Marketing Cloud Enterprise 2.0

Excursion Builder

As in the past solutions, the coupon recovery solution utilizes the Marketing Cloud Connector for B2C Commerce to incorporate Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce.

This connector is as of now arranged for NTO, so Pia and Charlotte will work contemplating the solution unit work process graph, to perceive how coupons are produced in B2C Commerce, traded to Marketing Cloud, and utilized in coupon reclamation ventures. After customers reclaim their coupons in B2C Commerce, the reclamation data is pushed back to Marketing Cloud for preparation. Sending recovery data back to Marketing Cloud is significant, on the grounds that Pia doesn’t need NTO to send update messages to clients who previously utilized their coupon.

Work process graph that shows how coupons are created in B2C Commerce and traded to Marketing Cloud to help coupon recovery ventures.

Consider Scale

The NTO customer-facing facade once in a while encounters eruptions of traffic when numerous coupons are reclaimed each second, so Pia converses with her Marketing Cloud account chief about help for high-traffic use cases. What’s more, Charlotte intends to utilize an API that supports demand lining for a versatile catch of coupon reclamation data.

Since they have an arrangement set up to work for scale, the NTO group is prepared to design B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud to help coupon reclamation.

Bring Coupon Redemption Data into Marketing Cloud

Since NTO needs to track when coupons are reclaimed and utilize that data in client travels, the improvement group sets up a data expansion in Marketing Cloud to store the data. For the underlying arrangement, the group sends out data from B2C Commerce, at that point physically brings it into the new Marketing Cloud coupon recovery data expansion. To refresh the data expansion as new coupons are recovered, they make assistance in B2C Commerce to send coupon reclamations to Marketing Cloud through the Data Events API. They additionally stretch out the customer-facing facade to check for reclaimed coupons after a request has been finished.

Isabelle and the marketing group feel like they’re large and in charge since they have a strong grasp on how their coupon crusades are getting along. Because of the coupon recovery data augmentation, they can track coupon execution and configuration brilliant excursions that consider reclamation status.

A) Why is it important for NTO to send coupon redemption data from B2C Commerce back to Marketing Cloud?

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B) Which API does NTO use to keep coupon redemption data up to date?

  • I) OCAPI
  • II) SOAP Web Service API
  • III) Data Events API
  • IV) Metadata API

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