Which key topic is covered in the Architecture Design section of the exam?

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Architecture and Integration

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Prepared to hop in? The example instrument beneath isn’t scored—it’s simply a simple method to test yourself. To utilize it, read the situation, at that point click the appropriate response you believe is right. A few inquiries may have more than one right answer. Snap Submit to realize whether the appropriate response you picked is right or erroneous, and why. In the event that there’s a more extended clarification, click Expand catch to grow the window, click anyplace in the window to close it. At the point when you arrive at the end, you can survey the appropriate responses or retake the inquiries.

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The accompanying cheat sheets cover multi-cloud worldwide execution, PIG and SIG for B2C business, and information security prerequisites. Go through these intelligent cheat sheets to brush on a portion of the key topics you’ll discover on this piece of the exam.

Peruse the inquiry or term on each card, at that point snap or tap the card to uncover the right answer. Snap the right-confronting bolt to move to the following card, and the left-confronting bolt to get back to the past card.

A) True or false: You build extra levels of trust, compliance, and governance into your Salesforce org by enabling Shield.

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B) Which key topic is covered in the Architecture Design section of the exam?

  • I) Asynchronous and synchronous messaging
  • II) Recommendations on data loading based on volume and type
  • III) Global party ID across systems
  • IV) Customer journey at every point (marketing, sales, service, compliance)

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