Which of these skills are required for the Salesforce architect role?

Salesforce Architect: Quick Look – Learn About the Salesforce Architect Role

Required Skills

Effective Salesforce architects normally have an expansive foundation in arrangement architecture, specialized architecture, and framework designing.

Here are the specialized skills and specializations a Salesforce architect ought to have.

  • Strong comprehension of the architectural standards of cloud-based stages, including SaaS, PaaS, multitenancy, multitiered framework, coordination examples, and application workers
  • Involvement in discharge the executives, source control, and arrangement advancements like CI/CD pipelines, Metadata API, and coordination administrations
  • Involvement in cross-cloud Salesforce (SFDC) executions coordinated with other cloud and on-premise frameworks
  • Familiarity with stage explicit plan contemplations like enormous information volumes, assignment cutoff points, and information movement
  • Information on programming plan standards

An architect ought to likewise have these delicate skills and nontechnical skills.

  • Capacity to convey answers for an assortment of specialized and non-specialized partners
  • Solid business insight
  • Leader presence
  • Capacity to recognize specialized plan hazards
  • Experience creating administration procedures to relieve hazard

Plan Your Architect Journey

In case you’re keen on turning into a Salesforce architect, investigate the Salesforce Architect Careers page. There you discover a depiction of a typical day for an architect and a path blend you can follow to begin building skills.


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A) True or False: An architect provides guidance on integration strategies and impact for the business.

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B) Which of these skills are required for the Salesforce architect role?

  • I) Ability to communicate to stakeholders across the organization
  • II) Ability to manage a team
  • III) Knowledge of architecture and design principles
  • IV) A and B
  • V) A and C

Recommended Programming Language

·       PYTHON

·       JAVA

·       C/ C++

·       HTML

·       MySQL

·       PROJECTS 

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