Which scenario would benefit from implementing an archive strategy?

Connectors for Data Integration -Archive and Consolidate Salesforce Data

Solution Benefits

With this execution, Robert expects huge execution enhancements for his clients’ Salesforce organization. This likewise eliminates the requirement for physically chronicling data and helps the client in quicker alterations utilizing the point-and-snap incorporation through Heroku Connect.

Who knows, perhaps dividing data among numerous outer data sources could be the following undertaking for this client.

Considering Multiple Salesforce Organizations

Most users have different organizations. On the off chance that you’ve at any point attempted to divide the data among them, you may have had a few challenges endeavoring to consolidate. One approach to alleviate these issues is to use Salesforce Connect and the center and-talked model. In this model, the entirety of the data streams from the center point organization to the entirety of the spokes or optional organizations.

Center point and-talked model.

Then again, Heroku Connect additionally assists with adjusting various organization’s data into one Postgres database. When the data is in Postgres you have the decision to push the accumulated data set to a consolidated association.

Use Case: Consolidating Siloed Department Org Data

An enormous corporate store has come to Cloudy Consulting needing an approach to bring together client data from two deals organizations and an assistance organization they own. Then, they are additionally keen on making an individual client experience for each line of business (LOB) they offer. Subsequent to inspecting the client’s needs, Robert chooses to use Heroku Connect, Salesforce Connect, and the extra Heroku Postgres.

Solution Architecture for multi-cloud combination utilizing Heroku Connect, Salesforce Connect, and Heroku Postgres.

In this design, there are three organizations—two deals organizations and a help organization. Robert chooses Heroku Connect because it gives clients the adaptability to unify their data and the capacity to make their own custom applications. Any handling or outer code that should be composed should be possible straightforwardly in Heroku. At long last, Salesforce Connect pulls the entirety of the CRM data from Heroku into the fundamental organization utilizing OData API.


Recall Salesforce Connect uses OData 2.0, OData 4.0, Cross-Org, and Apex Custom connectors. Remember when utilizing either connector, an organization is restricted to 20,000 OData callouts each hour and 1,000 OData callouts each hour for Developer Edition.

One More Thing…

Salesforce Connect can raise to 100 tables of data from a solitary source mix. For instance, a client is utilizing various data hotspots for various articles.

In spite of the fact that there is no greatest on the measure of associations that you can have, there are Salesforce Connect licenses that are required for each source you’re incorporating with. In the event that you have various source frameworks and you understand that the expense becomes overpowering, the most ideal approach to use your assets is through Heroku utilizing Salesforce Connect. Heroku Connect goes about as an endpoint while collaborating with different frameworks. Salesforce Connect focuses on Heroku and pulls in the data you need. In spite of the fact that it requires more work to carry out, it gives more versatility long haul and takes out the need to make various associations for every stage.

A) Which of these is a supported use case for Heroku Connect?

check answers

B) Which scenario would benefit from implementing an archive strategy?

  • I) A customer’s Salesforce org has regular review processes in place to consistently meet data retention requirements
  • II) A customer has consolidated multiple orgs that includes data that is frequently used
  • III) A customer has released multiple deployments and the customer growth has impacted reporting productivity
  • IV) The quantity of data in a customer’s Salesforce org is static and has no impact on reporting or performance

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