Which standard objects are included with B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience?

What Exactly Is B2B Commerce Anyway?

Business-to-business (B2B) commerce is a world far eliminated from the eCommerce encounters most people are utilized to. B2B commerce includes a huge number of complex connections and the development of mass merchandise. Buys regularly require arranged, account-explicit valuing and terms, and are frequently done for the benefit of another person.

Obviously, this is Cliff’s Notes adaptation of what B2B commerce includes. Investigate the Salesforce B2B Commerce Basics module to get more insights concerning this sort of commerce.

The Salesforce B2B Commerce application assists you with dealing with the intricacy of those everyday business cooperations for a huge scope. Also, everything begins with the B2B Commerce data model. In this module, you perceive how the different objects of B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience fit together, and give you the adaptability you need for your business.

A) What are the characteristics of B2B commerce relationships?

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B) Which standard objects are included with B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience?

  • I) Store
  • II) Account
  • III) Contact
  • IV) Opportunity

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