Why does Chris need to enable communities for B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience?

Administer Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience 

Create a Store

Learning Objectives 

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Enable advanced encounters.

Enable requests.

Arrange sharing settings.

Alter page designs for Lightning B2B Commerce.

Create a store.

In this module, we accept you are a B2B Commerce overseer with the appropriate consents to create a store. In case you’re not a director for B2B Commerce, that is OK. Peruse along to figure out how your chairman would make the strides in a creative organization. Try not to attempt to follow these means in your Trailhead Playground. B2B Commerce isn’t accessible in the Trailhead Playground.

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A) Why does Chris need to enable communities for B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience?

  • I) Chris is setting up a self-service community for buyers.
  • II) A community automatically uploads data to any store.
  • III) B2C users can rate products on the community.
  • IV) Every store created for B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience is associated with a community.

B) What org-wide defaults does Chris set for the B2B Commerce objects?

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Which of these features is included in B2B commerce on lightning experience?

The lightning experience is a new way to build, manage, and sell your products on Salesforce.com. The lightning experience includes a number of features that help businesses to create, manage and sell their products.

The lightning experience includes features such as:

– Product creation

– Product management

– Product pricing

– Product Listing

– Product launch

– Product Marketing

How do I enable B2B commerce in Salesforce?

B2B commerce is a new and innovative way to do business. The most common B2B transactions are purchases. With the help of this article, you can enable B2B commerce in Salesforce and make it more efficient for your company to process those transactions.

In order to enable B2B commerce in Salesforce, you need to create an order detail object, which will be used for the purchase order. You also need to create a purchase order line item that will be used for each product that is being sold.

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