With Pardot’s Campaign Cloning, what can you now clone?

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Sandbox for Datorama

Guarantee information administration best practices with a devoted testing climate. The Sandbox for Datorama enables administrators to test their arrangement setups and information changes in a separated improvement climate that is consistently in a state of harmony with creation.

The Datorama Sandbox climate in Sandbox Mode.

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Pardot: Campaign Cloning

Save time and lift productivity with reusable marketing resources. With this most recent improvement, you can now easily clone greeting pages, structures, structure overseers, and connections identified with a mission.


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A) What does Datorama’s Sandbox empower you to do?

B) With Pardot’s Campaign Cloning, what can you now clone?

Wait for a second:

  • I) Landing pages
  • II) Form handlers
  • III) A single link to all campaigns
  • IV) A and B
  • V) A and C

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