With the App Launcher, your users can: (Trailhead Salesforce Module Answers)

Navigating Around – CRM for Lightning Experience

Get Instant Results, Top Results, and more

  • When you click into the container, the search begins working for you. A rundown of late things gives fast connections to records you’ve as of late visited. 
  • Begin composing, and the rundown powerfully refreshes with matches from every searchable article. In the event that you see what you’re searching for, select it to go right to the record. 
  • Try not to perceive what you need in the dropdown list? Try not to stress—you have choices. To get results just for the article you’re on, select the subsequent choice in the moment results dropdown list. 
  • Then again, you can choose the main alternative or press Enter to search across your whole association. You’ll arrive on the Top Results page, which shows you the most pertinent results from your most oftentimes utilized articles. 

You likewise get a brief look at how search helps you discover what you need. Highlights like spelling adjustment and equivalents return coordinates with that are like your search term. You may discover one that is exactly the thing you’re searching for. 

Realize which object you need to search for? Begin composing the name of the article close to the worldwide search box. You can channel the dropdown list (1), or look to discover what you’re searching for. The articles you utilize most often are at the main (2), trailed by every searchable item, recorded in order (3). 

To choose a featured item, click it or press Enter. As you type your search term, the moment results are restricted to the chose to object. Press Enter to see full search results for just that object. 

To eliminate the channel, change the item to All. 

Restricting a search to a particular item in Lightning Experience 

Refine Your Results 

From the undeniable level outline of Top Results, it’s not difficult to focus in on what you need. Get results for a particular article by choosing it on the left, under Search Results. You can perceive the number of results was found for each article. 

In the event that you don’t see an article that you need under Search Results, don’t stress, it’s nearby close by. Select Show More to see all items accessible to you, recorded in sequential request. 

You can channel search results for accounts, cases, contacts, dashboards, documents, Knowledge articles, drives, notes, openings, individuals, and errands, and for custom items. To see separating alternatives, click the item name in the Search Results sidebar. 

You can likewise sort most search results. At the point when you initially get to the search results page, you see that results are arranged by pertinence. That sounds brilliant—and it is!— however what’s the significance here, precisely? A few things are thought of, as: 

  • How novel is the search term? 
  • How frequently does the search term show up in a record? 
  • Do you possess the record you’re searching for? 

  • You can likewise sort search results by clicking segment headers or utilizing the sort dropdown menu. 
  • You can change segment widths on the search results page by clicking and hauling the boundaries in the section header. 
  • Text wrapping is on of course, yet you can change this inclination for a section by tapping the down bolt in the segment header. 

Can’t Find What You’re Searching For? 

On the off chance that you get such a large number of results, have a go at utilizing more—and more explicit—search terms. 

Check whether the article or field is searchable. 

Ensure that you approach the record. Search just returns results you have the authorization to see. 

On the off chance that you as of late made or refreshed the record, trust that the record will be ordered. On the off chance that you can’t discover your record following 15 minutes, contact your administrator. 

For additional tips, see Search for Records in the Resources segment. 

We think you’ll concur you’ve tracked down the ideal colleague—it has a wide viewpoint, yet guides you to the significant things. It saves you such a lot of time and exertion that you’ll presumably think about how you’d complete your work without it. 


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A) The navigation bar in Salesforce:

Click here for Answers

B) With the App Launcher, your users can:

  • I) Sync their apps, bookmarks, and other settings across devices.
  • II) Download and install Salesforce platform apps.
  • III) Access all standard, custom, and connected apps in your organization.
  • IV) See only their most recently used apps.

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