You are constantly looking for ways to improve and stay in step with your manager. What is one way you can check in on your biggest growth areas?

Alignment with Your Manager – Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate 

  •  Depict the issue: Give your manager an outline of the issue and what it implies. 
  • Give likely arrangements and your methodology: Tell your manager how you’re attempting to take care of the issue and portray extra arrangements that you may attempt straightaway. Louise O’Dwyer suggests, “In case you’re carrying a worry to your manager, have three potential arrangements as a primary concern. Try not to shroud issues; bring them up immediately and investigate with your manager.” 
  • Think about the effect: Tell your manager what you think will occur on the off chance that you set up your answer. 
  • Take possession: Show your manager that you are sure about your answer and you’re focused on guaranteeing it works.

Request Feedback 

At Salesforce, we’re focused on making a culture of criticism that permits our managers and our representatives to be straightforward with each other. 

Manager working at a work area talking with a representative distantly. They are having a criticism discussion 

We’d even say that achievement relies upon ideal, continuous, and direct criticism. So when you’re aligning with your manager, speak the truth about what’s working and what isn’t. On the off chance that this appears to be troublesome, you can utilize the SBI model to give points of interest on the circumstance, conduct, and effect when offering criticism to your manager. 


Need to learn more about the Salesforce culture of criticism and the SBI model? Look at the Culture of Feedback and Coaching and Feedback modules, which have all the deets on these top strategies. 

Observe What’s Going Well 

Sign the adulation as you praise a major success, a first-rate dispatch, or the consistent arrival of your most recent item. In our high-speed workplace, it very well may be trying to oppose the motivation to simply move on to the following task. Set aside the effort to praise achievement! You can: 

  • Focus light on what’s working for your group. 
  • Assemble trust with your manager by featuring what you’re able to do. 
  • Rouse your associates. 
  • Propel different groups to collaborate with you. 
  • Carry believability and commendation to your own manager.

A) How can employees show their managers that they are trustworthy?

B) You are constantly looking for ways to improve and stay in step with your manager. What is one way you can check in on your biggest growth areas?

  •  I) Send your work to an unbiased group of reviewers when you finish each project.
  •  II) Communicate frequently about where you can improve.
  •  III) Ask your manager’s peers for feedback, instead of your manager.
  •  IV) Reject feedback so you can improve on your own.

C) Both you and your manager have suggested approaches to solving a customer’s problem. Which of the following actions can nudge your manager toward your solution?

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